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Lupus of upper respiratory tract

Lupus of upper respiratory tract

Lupus upper respiratory tract is a form of tuberculosis with characteristic changes of the skin and mucous membranes. During its slow, painless, there is a tendency to scarring.

Lupus upper respiratory tract occurs mainly in children aged 5 to 15 years. Often combined with other lupus tubercular lesions. Infection occurs when the introduction of infection through abrasions on the skin enter the nose, skin, hematogenous and lymphogenous routes.

Lupus is characterized by painless for nodular lesions in the skin of the nose, lips, nasal mucosa, pharynx, larynx and less. Lupus lobe is brownish-pink color. Merge to form the bumps infiltrates granular form, grayish-yellow or red.

In rare cases, ulceration of the infiltrate, with an ulcer is covered with grayish-white or red easily bleeding granulations. As a rule, scarring of the ulcer at the same time on the periphery of ulcer formation of new nodules. Scarring of ulcerous infiltrates leads to the formation of the tip of the nose and wing defects, which in turn lead to disfigurement of the face.

A similar pattern is observed during the formation of scars in the nasal septum and the anterior arch of the nose. When scarring ulcerated infiltrations occur in the pharynx cicatricial deformation of the soft palate, uvula in particular, scarring of the posterior pharyngeal wall, in some cases leads to disfagicheskih violations.

In the larynx, lupus infiltrates often affect the epiglottis, with its determined destruction of the cartilaginous skeleton with the formation of scars on the site of the epiglottis roller. If the process extends to cherpalonadgortannye folds, possibly narrowing the entrance to the larynx through infiltrates and scarring. Prognosis is usually favorable, in some cases may relapse.

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