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Tumors of the optic nerve

Tumors of the optic nerve

Glioma of the optic nerve.

This swelling of the optic nerve occurs most often in childhood, occasionally gliomas are found in older people. It develops from the glial cells of the optic nerve. Glioma can occur on any part of the nerve, while it is growing along the course of the optic nerve and can extend into the cranial cavity.

The first sign of optic nerve tumors are visual disturbances. Reduced visual acuity and visual field defects occur. Vision is gradually reduced to complete blindness. Detected in the fundus congested optic disk drives and signs of atrophy. The main method of diagnosis of gliomas - CT and magnetic resonance tomography.

Treatment of optic nerve glioma operative. Best results are achieved with surgical treatment in early stages when the tumor has not spread to the cranial cavity.

Meningioma of the optic nerve.

Meningiomas of the optic nerve more common in older people. In general, they are developing in parts of the optic nerve, which is in the eye socket, at least in the cranial cavity.

The signs of meningiomas of the optic nerve dysfunction are progressive vision and exophthalmos (bulging eyeballs). Detected in the fundus congested optic nerve, optic nerve atrophy. The tumor grows slowly.

Treatment of surgery. After treatment, the prognosis for the patient's life-friendly, but the sight of the eye is usually lost.

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