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Cervical Herniated Disc

A herniated cervical disc, cause of such symptoms of a herniated disc.

As you know, a herniated disc can occur not only in the lumbar spine, but also in the neck. It usually occurs in people aged 30-50 years. The cause of a herniated disc in the cervical spinal injury may be in this area.

Among the major manifestations of disc herniation in the cervical spine is marked pain in the upper extremity. In addition to pain may also be a tingling, numbness of fingers and hand weakness.

The cause of such symptoms of a herniated disc in the cervical region it is the compression of the nerve roots that deviate in this region of the spinal cord. Depending on the level of compression of nerve roots to be relevant and manifestations.

Losses roots C4 - C5: weakness in the deltoid muscle (it is located in the edge shoulder).

This lesion is usually not accompanied by numbness or tingling feeling. In this case, there may be pain in the shoulder.

Losses roots C5 - C6: weakness in the biceps and wrist extensor muscles. The pain and numbness, tingling and feelings can be given to the thumb.

The defeat of the roots of C6 - C7: weakness in the triceps and the extensor digitorum longus. Numbness and tingling can be given down to the middle finger.

The defeat of the root C7 - T1: shows weakness in the wrist. Numbness and tingling can give a hand to the little finger.

It is worth noting that in the intervertebral discs of the cervical vertebrae are not so great. However, the space around the nerve roots as a small, so even a small herniated disc can cause considerable pain in his hand.

Normally, when drive hernias in the cervical spine is most frequently applied conservative therapy. The aim of this therapy is aimed at eliminating pain and muscle weakness hands.

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