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Tumors of ovary

Tumors of ovary

Female genital glands are formed during fetal development of the "female" and "male" parts - the coelomic epithelium and mesenchyme ovary, which are then colonized by female sex cells - gonocytes. Then, the "male" part is subjected to involution, becomes a relic, which is located at the gates of the ovary. Precisely because of these features hormonally active tumors of the ovary can be as "feminine" or feminizing, and "male" or virilizing type.

By feminizing tumors include:
granuleznokletochnaya tumor
tekakletochnaya tumor
mixed tumor.

By virilizing tumors include:
lipoidokletochnaya tumor.

For mixed (with the properties of male and female type) tumors include ginandroblastoma and gonadoblastoma (gonotsitoma).

Granulezekletochnaya tumor in 30% of cases did not have hormonal activity, which is somewhat difficult to timely diagnosis and treatment. Tumors range in size from several millimeters to 30-40 cm in about 10% of such tumors ozlokachestvlyayutsya.

The most common tumor develops after 45 years in childhood is rare and almost never occurs in the reproductive age. In the case of tumor development in children showing signs of precocious puberty

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