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Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Common cause of infertility is blocked tubes - tubal infertility.

Until recently, treatment of tubal infertility exhausted by endless repetition of time-consuming and tiring for the doctor to patient physiotherapy and courses gidrotubatsy in combination with anti-inflammatory therapy.

The effectiveness of this treatment for the restoration of tubal patency is extremely low, and the consequences in the form of hyperinflation ampullar sections of pipes and the loss of their functional abilities severe enough, as the futility of trying to predetermine the subsequent surgical treatment. The latter is also not met expectations, conferred on it by experts. Thus, it was shown that the obstruction of the ampullar sections of the fallopian tubes caused by "external" factors (adhesions, for example), the pregnancy rate after reconstructive plastic surgery is quite high and amounts to 20-70% (depending on the qualifications of the surgeon and the severity of adhesions process).

When obstruction of the fallopian tubes in istmicheskih departments related to the internal adhesive (adhesive) process, pregnancy rate, even after microsurgical operations is only 0-5%. At the same time, these operations are performed by laparotomy, quite traumatic, and involve certain risks for the patient.

Therefore, in recent years there has been a tendency to replace the large abdominal operations for small, "laparoscopic", ie performed during operative laparoscopy.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes, tubal infertility

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