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When you need to contact mammologist

When you need to contact mammologist

Mammology - the area of clinical medicine, dealing with problems associated with various diseases of the mammary glands. It was different, not just cancer. Breast problems in the past decade, increasing attention of scientists and the public are becoming increasingly relevant.

Statistics is relentless: Today, almost every tenth woman is at risk for contracting life threatening diseases such as breast cancer. Every second there is the risk of benign tumors or fibrocystic mastopathy. Benign tumors - it is not cancer, they rarely pose a threat to life. Usually, benign tumors resectable and not re-formed. Please note this important fact, that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women in our country (after cardiovascular diseases).

This is a problem, unfortunately, not only medical but also social. Today, the growth of breast cancer is increasing worldwide.

Surely, these questions were asked of every woman. In countries with high levels of a variety of commonly used modern methods of detection of cancer and other breast pathology in the early stages of their occurrence, and such a diagnosis is carried out regularly at least 2 times a year, despite the absence of any visible issues on the part of the breast.

To do this, often carried out so-called screening mammography.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the explanation of why in civilized countries recovering from cancer for almost 90% of women.

In Russia, the positive effects of treatment observed in only one third of patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This is largely explained by the fact that, firstly, the word "cancer" is perceived by patients as a sentence. It is important to remember that cancer - a diagnosis, and early detection and initiation of treatment gives a real chance for recovery.

The second reason for this pattern lies in the fact that, although the pathology of breast cancer is detected in 90% of women, they do not take the necessary steps and go to the doctor often only in the later stages of the disease, that is, when essentially nothing can be changed.

Finally, the third leading cause of mortality from breast cancer in Russia - is the lack of mass programs of early detection and prevention of this disease in women.

Therefore, every woman should firmly grasp the basic principles of early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer. At least once a year, every woman should be examined by a doctor mammalogists, who will help and teach her how to protect themselves from breast cancer, and learn how to identify the first symptoms, and when you need to immediately consult a doctor and not wait until while "it will be very."

Urgent appeal to mammologist require the following situations:
  • Do you have any unusual, even a slight feeling of distress in the mammary glands: a sense of engorgement, distention and pain in the breast, any discharge from the nipple seal.
  • Do you have any past illnesses or concomitant genital
  • You suffered an injury of the breast.
  • Have you had adverse moments during pregnancy
  • If abnormal liver function,
  • You suffer from a variety of hormonal disorders (known to the mammary gland in some way responds to hormonal changes),
  • You have had a long and severe stressful situations (ie, stress),
  • Do you have a genetic predisposition to neoplastic processes (ie, if your family were direct relatives with breast cancer).

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