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Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis should be continuous and must be carried out simultaneously by several anti-TB drugs. Each of 4-5 drugs that the patient takes every day for 6 months, in different ways affects the Koch bacillus, and only the joint use can achieve the goal - to destroy it completely.

For a qualitative treatment of some anti-TB drugs is not enough. Patients are also prescribed physical therapy, exercises and medications dyhatelnauyu, raising immunity.

Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

A large number of patients with various forms of pulmonary tuberculosis showed surgery - removal of the affected part of the lung.

Indications for lung resection in tuberculosis can be summarized in the following groups:

1. The presence of open cavities
with sputum containing bacteria in the failure of medical treatment for 3-6 months;
life-threatening bleeding from the cavity,
continuous or repeated hemoptysis,
thick-walled cavity formed from the caverns in which scarring of the cavity is not possible, there is constantly a threat of infection and relapse,
reactivation process.

2. The presence of significant residual foci of bacteria TB processes without tools do not penetrate into these pockets by fibrous tissue and did not provide them with sterilization.

3. Cicatricial stricture after bronchial tuberculous lesion.

4. The presence of foci of infection caused by atypical acid-sticks, as these patients the infection is resistant to drugs.

5. Complication of focal lesions pleural empyema and collapse of the lung.

6. Suspicion of the development against tuberculosis neoplasms.

Surgical treatment is usually necessary to combine with the intense anti-TB drug therapy.

Improper treatment converts easily curable form of the disease in hard-curable drug-resistant tuberculosis.

If untreated, death from active TB up to 50% within one to two years. In the remaining 50% of untreated cases of tuberculosis, a chronic form.
Prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the so-called social diseases, the occurrence of which is associated with the conditions of life. Causes trouble for tuberculosis epidemiology in our country are deteriorating socio-economic conditions, decline in living standards, increase the number of persons of no fixed abode and occupation, the intensification of migration processes.

Men in all regions suffering from tuberculosis in 3.2 times more often than women, while the growth rate of incidence in men is 2.5 times higher than women. The most affected are people aged 20 - 29 and 30 - 39 years.

The incidence of troops who are serving sentences in penal institutions of the Russian Interior Ministry, 42 times the average.

In order to prevent the following activities:
preventive and control activities adequate current extremely unfavorable epidemiological situation of tuberculosis.
early identification of patients and the allocation of funds for the provision of medicines. The event will also reduce the incidence of people who come into contact with patients in the centers.
conduct preliminary and mandatory periodic inspections when applying for a job in the animal economy, troubled by tuberculosis in cattle.
increase in floor space allocated to isolated patients suffering from active tuberculosis and who live in crowded apartments and dormitories.
timely (within 30 days of life) of the primary vaccination to babies.

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