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Traumatic cataract

Traumatic cataract

Traumatic cataract occurs when the lens of the penetrating wounds, which happens quite often. In this case, in place of injured turbidity occurs, gradually extending to the entire lens. For small lesions capsule defect sometimes closed and formed a small local area turbidity.

Most often cataracts occur as a result of blunt trauma and the eye lens. It's called contusion cataract. As a result of shell shock in the beginning there is clouding of the lens is centered, then it extends to the posterior capsule, and then around the lens.

But, often clouding affects only a portion of the lens. Sometimes, when a large force of impact, the capsule can completely break the lens, in this case the injury clouding the whole lens captures Cataracts as a result of electric shock. An electric current is coagulation of protein. When an electric shock, especially if the current passes through the patient's head may develop cataracts. Such cataracts may undergo regression.

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