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Thyrotoxic crisis - Diagnosis and Treatment

Thyrotoxic crisis - Diagnosis and Treatment

Thyrotoxic crisis is a serious condition, which is a complication of thyrotoxicosis. Fortunately it is quite rare, but requires urgent treatment in a hospital. When thyrotoxic Stroke is a sharp increase in production of thyroid hormones with a massive release into the bloodstream. A large number of thyroid hormones in the blood is accompanied by adrenal insufficiency and excessive production of catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine), which further enhances the sensitivity of cells and tissues to thyroid hormone.

Thyrotoxic crisis occurs when you remove the thyroid gland or treatment with radioactive iodine without prior preparation of the patient. In patients with thyrotoxicosis thyrotoxic crisis can occur at various stress situations for the body: surgery, excessive physical and mental stress, acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Suddenly there is severe weakness, fever, profuse sweating, headache, high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Very quickly, the body temperature rises to 40 degrees and above. Quickens breathing, shortness of breath occurs. Appears rhythm disturbance. Most often it is atrial fibrillation (irregular rhythm completely.) The heart rate can exceed 200 beats per minute. Then, blood pressure can fall sharply. There is mental excitement or confusion. May develop acute psychosis or coma with stunning Thyrotoxic or loss of consciousness. Often there is liver damage. Appears jaundice and acute hepatic failure develops, which is also a formidable complication of life-threatening.

Diagnosis of Stroke Thyrotoxic established on the basis of acute onset after a stressful situation and the rapid growth of negative symptoms. In the blood analysis show reduction of adrenal hormones - cortisol, increased potassium, increased glucose. Further, the glucose level drops. In the blood, high amounts of thyroxine, low in cholesterol.

Treatment of Stroke Thyrotoxic conducted in a hospital intensive care unit. For correction of adrenal insufficiency intravenous girdrokortizon. At high levels of blood pressure medication is administered to reduce it. To decrease thyroid hormone injected iodine or tirostatiki (tyrosol).

Is the treatment of heart failure and dehydration. Correction of mental disorders. At high temperatures, the patient's body wipe alcohol solutions, imposes on the ice pack. In the room with a fan maintains a low temperature.

Thyrotoxic crisis depends largely on the treated early. If launched on time treatment prognosis is favorable.

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