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Asthma therapies

Asthma therapies

Hypnotherapy. One of the methods of psychotherapy aimed at the emotional, strong-willed, in-depth personality components is hypnotherapy that is used with curative intent hypnotic sleep, against which the therapist makes therapeutic suggestions aimed at removing the most painful symptoms in the patient feel good suggestion after the session , the elimination of the disease.

Therapeutic formulations given in the imperative style of short sentences, are effective enough to eliminate the fears of some actions, to gain self-confidence, ability to solve problems and even to change the functioning of the internal organs.

The most common technique is to dive verbal patient in a state of hypnotic sleep. The therapist describes the sensation of the patient, usually experienced while falling asleep. The point of application of therapeutic suggestion may be some feeling, a feeling, thought, and even the state of internal organs (heart rate and rhythm, depth of breathing, bronchial lumen ...).

Group psychotherapy. Great influence on psychotherapy patients have group lessons and breathing exercises, autogenic training or different training options on the functional relaxation. In group therapy specialist with the prior personal acquaintance with the patient brings them for further work, and after the therapeutic effect of the group ceases to exist.

Famous athletes, world champions and Olympic ill with bronchial asthma. Regular exercise, increasing the workload allowed them to overcome their illness. Similar observations can understand in the classroom for group therapy, providing a positive influence. With the help of group lessons can be easier to instill the need to engage in physical activity as one of the most effective methods of prevention of asthma.

Family therapy. But in a world dominated by the group for a long time and are closely interacting and living with people who are organized well in advance of the meeting with a therapist, and appealed to him in connection with the illness of one of its members - is family.

Families are created by people to provide psychological comfort, emotional warmth, to get rid of feelings of loneliness and for the opportunity to have children. In harmonious families, people find support for their life goals, attitudes, and orientations. At the same time in any family difficulties due to age and sex differences, because of the different intellectual capacities of family members and because of their belonging to different socio-psychological groups.

The disease is one encourages the other members of the family to change their duties, interests, attitudes and behavior. And the source of the problem that caused, say, the neurotic symptoms in a child can be any of the adults, and the patient is in such a case the carrier symptom. So, to help the child get rid of the painful symptoms often have to work not only with him but with the whole family in general and changing family relations, achieved by the patient's family heal. Such a systemic family therapy was now particularly prevalent in the world.

The therapist helps the family members a better understanding of each other, to achieve the ability to openly express their feelings, desires and thoughts, avoiding destructive conflicts. It is important to ensure respect for the individuality of each manifestation, the division of responsibility, and not subordinate to each other.

Family therapy aims to achieve these changes in the relations between family members that will lead to a reduction or disappearance of painful symptoms in; vehicle symptom .. The therapist can guide the work, in addition to the family as a whole, with different family subsystems separately (mother, child, grandmother, child, spouse, grandparents, etc.) The family must realize that it must change its attitude, attitudes, habits that have disappeared painful symptoms of one of its members, otherwise everything will remain the same.

Positive Psychotherapy. This is one of the options counseling for diseases of bronchial asthma.

When positive psychotherapy focuses on the possibilities of man, based on which he was himself partly to cope with the disease without any outside help in the future can completely get rid of the disease, using their own personal resources.

In the form of unstructured use any techniques and technology in the name of the patient as quickly as possible admitted that he has the power and capabilities, no matter how depressed patient, it is important to make him at least a fleeting smile, a humorous evaluation of events.

Naturally, there is no universal method that would help all patients, on the other hand, there is little patient, who is only using one method of psychotherapy have been able to solve all their important problems. The problem of treatment is largely boils down to, so the therapist is able to master all the new methods of art and their optimal selection and application with respect to each person who applies to him for help.

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