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All diets are based on the simple fact that the less we eat, the less gain weight. And with fasting, our body gets in such extreme conditions, which immediately begins to use instead of eating their own excess body fat, strikingly altering the shape of the body. But this is only an external effect!

In fact, when fasting is undergoing global internal changes, which seriously alter the way the body, why it's called therapeutic fasting. First, due to the fact that the intestine is practically sitting without work for him replenished much less blood than usual - it lowers blood pressure and eases the heart.

However, many bodies literally come to life, getting the blood. Particularly true for the brain, endocrine glands and skin, resulting in improved memory and intelligence, our, and the body is rejuvenated in his eyes! This effect is explained by the fact that with food no longer do many toxic substances, and the body, freed from the tremendous work at their permanent disposal, he began active work on its purification.

Unfortunately, this creates a danger to the liver and kidneys, through which passes the massive release of toxins and wastes. That is why fasting should be done under the supervision of a doctor who will monitor the vital organs, assigning procedures to help clean the body, such as enemas, douches, massages, gym, etc.

Fasting - a really serious burden to anyone, even the most powerful body, so be sure, after a period of starvation (from 1 to 40-50 days), you must correctly recover. The fact is that immediately after the fasting go for cakes and biscuits is strictly prohibited! Only a special diet to restore power. Only this approach can be expected that gained strength after fasting the body's defenses can cope with many of your sores, and again you'll be young, healthy and vigorous - almost as memorable in 18 years!

Speaking specifically about obesity, then we should thank the most important effect of fasting - the restoration of the natural metabolism, resulting in immediately begin to break down unnecessary for the organism such things as salt deposits and cellulite formation, which make the body tissue sick and old. Of course, for many, voluntarily decide to starve, even for a short time - almost an impossible task. But it's worth it - having a strong desire and firm will to health, you can achieve a great result, because, apart from obesity, fasting cures, and serious diseases such as allergies, heart failure, hypertension, restores the gut, joints, and respiratory system.

Fasting can be different - for the most common method you will go hungry, without taking water. But on smoking, coffee and alcohol have to forget. But you'll sleep at least 8 hours, a lot of walking and cleaning procedures to make the intestines, liver and kidneys, to better cope with the detoxification. In any case, you will not miss - fasting responsible thing!

How much do you have to give up a favorite pastime, that is, eating a variety of food, health care provider will determine, depending on your age, condition and health. All this time the body will have to rely on internal resources. There will be no very good moments, will have to wait - the fact that when burn fat, they first burned incompletely and accumulate in the blood acetone and butyric acids, which are toxic to our body and do not give quite pleasant - headaches, nausea and weakness.

Cleanse the body at this point will help enemas, showers, walks in the fresh air. And then one fine day all the pain persists, and you wake up with a new sense of ease - this means that the fat began to burn completely, and the body has adapted to eat its own reserves of fat and protein. It does not sound much, but in fact, in the course are only weak and diseased tissues, which, anyway, become established in the course of life.

When you are finished fasting, will begin the recovery period, when you finally give food, but only through a special diet to digestion was involved easily and safely. Diet have about the same time as you had and refuse to eat. You start with juice, grated vegetables and fruits, and gradually go on boiled potatoes, bread, cereal, etc.

There is also more severe, so-called "dry" fasting - no water, even without a cleansing enema and douches. Clearly, it can withstand a short time, to a maximum of three days. But with such fasting fat and split faster, so its efficiency is not less.

Sometimes you have to starve periods when starvation often alternates with reductive power. Typically, doctors prescribe this way, if there is a lot of chronic diseases that will not let stand a long period of fasting. Unfortunately, some illnesses fasting and did not practice because the condition of the body with them and as extremely serious, such as cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis and more.

Can not stand the hunger as children, pregnant women and people over 70 years. But with the vast majority of common diseases today fasting to cope with "excellent". If you have heart disease, blood vessels, lungs, liver and intestines, all kinds of allergies, obesity and especially of all kinds, then you can safely try fasting - but only under the supervision of a good doctor!

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