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Infertility women

Infertility women

If the cause of sterile marriages are certain disorders in women, talking about female infertility.

Infertility is divided into:

If a woman has never been pregnant, talk about the primary infertility.

If a woman has had at least one pregnancy, no matter what it is over - childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy - subsequent infertility is secondary.

The definition of "primary" and "secondary" infertility is not just a woman. With regard to man primary infertility means that from this man, none of his partners are not advancing pregnancy. Secondary infertility is when a man has been given by at least one pregnancy, at least one of its partners.

In addition, the distinction is made between:
  • anogyny
  • male infertility
  • Combined infertility
  • Infertility due to incompatibility of the spouses
  • infertility due to endometriosis
  • vague or idiopathic infertility.

What is meant by those terms?

Male factor is the cause of sterile marriages in that case, if a woman is healthy, but the man has been a sharp reduction in fertilizing capacity of sperm.

The combination of male and female infertility occurs combined form. In the case where both spouses have normal levels of reproductive function, but special tests indicate that they are incompatible, the latter is regarded as a special form of infertile marriages, which requires a special approach in determining the treatment strategy.

Finally, infertility can be observed among perfectly healthy and well compatible couples. These are cases of so-called obscure, or inexplicable, or idiopathic infertility.

In female infertility, in turn, emit:
  • Pipe
  • tubal-peritoneal
  • endocrine sterility
  • infertility associated with endometriosis.

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