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Save the results after the diet

Save the results after the diet

In any diet two critical periods - myself and diet after diet. Well, from the beginning it is clear - many of us to decide on such a difficult event may cause the only critical numbers on the scale of domestic and climbing in half of the wardrobe. But if there is at least the minimum strength of will, then, starting half-starved existence, it is usually maintained and at least a week - because the reward is the coveted harmony!

But after the diet early sigh of relief - it is important to do everything possible to save the results. The fact is that diet, especially their hard choices for the body are the major stress. And after any diet, mindful of his experiences, he frantically begins to prepare itself in case of energy reserves repeated disasters. But these stocks are just fat, which for us is the number one enemy! And if you do not control himself and fully return to their previous diet, then after a diet very quickly gain weight old, believe me, more fun and more fun to live from that you will not ... That is why we must do everything to try to deceive your own body, time and ever convince him that the current weight and is the best and only possible at all for you.

First, overweight, too, need to get rid of the mind, and not on the basis of something as important more quickly. The slower discard the accumulated weight, the harder they come - take advantage of this rule, do not chase short-term effect, if after a diet you want to stay slim for many, many times. So your mind is not affected, and the availability of muscle tissue will remain in place, and further help the cause of burning fat and maintaining the desired level of metabolism. Doctors say that about half of the reset kilogram per week - the best option.

The second question - how to eat after dieting. Since in the diet your metabolism slows, then taking the old fat and carbohydrates, you iznichtozhit all the results of the diet rapidly. Increase the amount of calories to a moderate rate to a very smooth pace for another couple of weeks, while there will be activation of metabolism. And this does not apply burgers and chocolate, and all have the same favorite, I hope, quality dietary products. In other words, we must take a mandatory rule to eat properly, then if you add on a bit and then not in the form of fat, as well as strong muscles.

And last on the list, but not least, the aspect of saving the results after a diet - a necessary exercise. It should be of moderate-intensity aerobic nature and, preferably, three or four times a week. It can be cycling, walking, jogging, swimming pool, aqua-aerobics. Then after a diet, stopping to observe strict food regime, you will ensure yourself a metabolic rate that your fat will continue to be burned, but the result of following the diet will continue as long as possible.

Finally I hasten to gladden the latest scientific discoveries - it turns out, the reason for non-conservation of the results after the diet is a drop in the concentration hormone leptin, which accompanies the loss of extra pounds. Leptin - a hormone that is produced in adipose tissue and serves to control the appetite, but its mechanism of action is not fully understood. In American studies carried out, subsequent injections of leptin allow patients to maintain weight achieved. Based on these results, researchers are considering the prospect of creating drugs that can regulate leptin levels, and thus save the results after a diet.

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