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Complications of immunosuppressive therapy

Complications of immunosuppressive therapy

Kidney transplantation is currently the best way to cope with chronic renal failure. Numerous data support the benefit of kidney transplantation over other treatment methods. Improved surgical techniques, advances pharmacology help to improve the results of renal transplantation, improving survival in the coming time after surgery, and in the long run.

However, despite advances in immunosuppressive therapy, remains a serious problem progressive decline in function of the transplanted kidney, in later periods.

Complications of the cardiovascular system and pose a serious threat to life. One of the most frequent complications after kidney transplantation is coronary heart disease. Immunosuppressive drugs increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, contributing to the formation of lipid metabolism disorders and hypertension. In other post-transplant complications in the long term are: weight gain, steroid diabetes, osteoporosis.

In the late periods after surgery, some patients develop hypertension. It is usually stable and often malignant in nature.

The majority of patients receiving high doses of prednisone, over time, increasing body weight, a person becomes lunoobraznym and becomes red. The growth of adipose tissue occurs in other unusual places. Although this complication is danger to life is not, patients are experiencing seriously change of appearance.

At the heart of the steroid diabetes is a complex metabolic, hormonal and other disorders in the development of which the key role played by two defects: insulin resistance and insulin deficiency.

Osteoporosis - a common complication in patients after renal transplantation - is associated with the violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism under the influence of immunosuppressive drugs. Patients complain of pain in large joints of lower limbs, especially the hip. Violation of motor function significantly reduces the quality of rehabilitation.

A relatively rare complication of a steroid cataract, with its development shows how to remove the affected lens.

Advances in graft and patient survival is associated with a number of factors, including improved surgical techniques and modern supportive care, better training of the recipient, as well as early diagnosis and treatment of renal and extrarenal complications.

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