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Lymphography method to evaluate the state of the lymphatic system. Lymphography performed with injection of contrast medium into lymphatic vessel. At the present time to the resort lymphography in the diagnosis of systemic diseases and cancer, to clarify the location, extent and nature of the lymph nodes.

Pictures with lymphography performed at the time of injection of contrast material and 24 hours after injection. On radiographs made after 24 hours revealed lymph nodes. Contrast material in the lymph nodes is up to 2 years, which allows you to control the disease.

Before performing lymphography is usually done allergic tolerance test of contrast material.
The procedure for lymphography

Location of injection treated with antiseptic solution and in the interdigital space on the foot injected a small amount of dye blue. After 15 minutes on the surface of the legs appear thin blue line, which correspond to the lymphatic vessels.

After that the doctor chooses the thick blue line, and enters into the vessel to which it corresponds to a thin catheter. Through the catheter slowly over 60-90 minutes a contrast agent injected. After that a series of x-rays. Now, after 24 hours repeated shots.

Complications encountered in peripheral angiography and lymphography are the same as for all other methods of angiography.

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