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Pseudotrichiniasis (Dermatomyositis)

Pseudotrichiniasis (Dermatomyositis)

Dermatomyositis - a diffuse connective tissue disease. Its origin is associated with Coxsackie virus, and genetic predisposition. Dermatomyositis syndrome can develop when the primary pathology of the blood, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, and may accompany scleroderma. More common in girls, the peak incidence occurs in 8-10 years.

Clinic of dermatomyositis

Approximately 25% of the children, the disease begins acutely with fever, facial swelling and lesions of muscles, a bright and aggressive type of dermatitis muscle weakness. There are intense muscle pain, sweating, and rapidly progressive general degeneration. In the subacute variants of the disease the body temperature low-grade, all symptoms of a gradual increase from 2-3 weeks to 3 months.

The disease often develops after respiratory infections, sore throat, cooling stress. Skin lesions in dermatomyositis polymorphically, but is a constant symptom of the disease and manifests as erythema with cyanotic tinge, located on the face in the form of periorbital "points" in the form of "butterfly", on ears, over the joint. Mucous membranes appears heylitom, gingivitis, stomatitis, and gastrointestinal lesions. If it affects the muscles noted swelling, and ligneous testovatost density, tenderness to palpation and increasing weakness. Develops myogenic paresis or paralysis, including pseudobulbar syndrome with symptoms of dysphagia, dysarthria, dysphonia. Possible respiratory distress. If it affects the joints observed arthralgia or arthritis. Often affects the lymph nodes, which leads to swelling of the neck and face.

When dermatomyositis involve all of the heart, most often the myocardium. May experience pneumonia, glomerulonephritis. Among the common symptoms of a general release and muscular dystrophy, a feverish reaction, salivation, parenchymal preparations.

The disease may be beneficial, dermatomyositis can manifest itself in the form of episodes, or with frequent relapses or recur constantly. Severe condition (observed in 10% of cases) are myopathic crises (immobility with shutting down the respiratory, laryngeal pharyngeal and skeletal muscle against the background of severe intoxication, fever, reduced cardiac and respiratory functions) that require immediate intensive care.

Drugs of choice in the treatment of dermatomyositis are corticosteroid hormones.

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