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Main » Traumatology » Fracture of the head and neck of the radius 
Fracture of the head and neck of the radius

Fracture of the head and neck radius - such fractures occur most often in the fall on an outstretched hand. Fractures may be:
  • offset
  • without displacement
  • boundary
  • transverse
  • comminuted.

The patient complains of pain in the elbow joint swelling. Pain increases sharply when trying to bend or straighten the arm at the elbow, especially when rotating brush. The final diagnosis is established after the X-ray studies.


If displacement of fragments on X-rays revealed no medical treatment is carried out. The fracture site pain reliever. A plaster splint from shoulder to base of middle finger for 2-3 weeks. The hand with the elbow bent at a right angle.

Movement of the fingers and the brush is recommended to begin two days later. After removing the splint is assigned physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise. In the case of fragmentation of the radial head, fixation is carried out if possible, or remove the head of the radius. By removing the head do not resort if the fracture occurred in a child not to delete the zone of bone growth.

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