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Operative laparoscopy

Operative laparoscopy in the treatment of infertility

The most common operations performed during laparoscopy, to date, are as follows:
  • dissection of adhesions to restore patency of the fallopian tubes
  • removal of small ovarian cysts and myoma nodes
  • cauterization of endometriosis lesions
  • coagulation of polycystic ovary
  • removal of fallopian tubes with ectopic pregnancy.

The main advantage of operative laparoscopy in front of large abdominal operations is much less risk to health as a patient, and in respect of recurrence of adhesions, as well as the speed of returning the patient to an active life - the very next day after the laparoscopy, she can be discharged from the hospital or may be started rehabilitation treatment in the form of uterine massage, physical therapy, courses, etc. gidrotubatsy

However, the possibility of operative laparoscopy are limited. Implementation of large reconstructive surgery is possible only during laparotomy. The effectiveness of infertility treatment after such operations is very low.

Women with concomitant endocrine disorders, which are to infertility treatment by plastic surgery on the fallopian tubes, pre hormonal correction, because the effect of such an operation and subsequent rehabilitation unstable, associated with the risk of re-recurrence of inflammation and obstruction of pipes. In this situation, to waste time on the normalization of hormonal disturbances after surgery inadvisable.

A special problem is the treatment of infertility in women posleudaleniya both fallopian tubes, for example, about an ectopic pregnancy, purulent process, etc.

In world practice, known only a few cases of pregnancy after trying for Reconstruction tubes during surgery for tubal pregnancy. In the vast majority of cases these women are doomed to childlessness

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