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Fractures of the patella

Patella - the bone is a flat round. It is in front of the knee.

Fractures of the patella are:
boundary when the broken-off portion of the patella

Fractures of the patella are no displacement or with displacement of bone fragments. There is a fracture of the patella with the direct mechanism of traumatic injury - falling on his knee. Occasionally, the mechanism of injury may be indirect. This happens when a sudden sharp tension of the quadriceps femoris, the tendon is partially attached to the patella. Thus there is a separation of the patella - a tear-off turnaround.

Fractures of the patella accompanied by dysfunction of the knee - limited extension of the leg in one degree or another. The patient complains of pain in the fracture, swelling and edema in the same place. Very often in fractures of patella blood gets into the joint cavity with the development of haemarthrosis. Usually the patient can not fully straighten or lift the leg suffered in the knee joint straightened leg. Sometimes fractures without displacement of bone fragments in the knee joint motion remain free. With a significant displacement of the fragments detected by probing deeper between the broken parts of the patella. The diagnosis is established by X-ray studies.

Treatment of fracture of the patella. The fracture site pain relief held by injection of local anesthetics. In the presence of blood in the joint conduct of knee joint puncture and remove the accumulated blood in the joint. If bias is found, superimposed cast from upper thigh to the ankle. The term fixed for 3-4 weeks.

For fractures with displacement operative treatment is usually because the fragments are conservative by comparison is difficult, and improper healing of the patella with the formation of corners and irregularities affect the function of the knee joint, and subsequently leads to the development of degenerative-dystrophic lesion of knee joints (osteoarthritis of the knee - gonarthrosis) . Only fractures with displacement of no more than two millimeters in treated conservatively.

If the discrepancy between the patellar fragments greater than 2 mm, carried out surgery. The patella is exposed, and fix the fragments are compared with the bolt-ties, or wire spokes. Quadriceps tendon is sewn.

In comminuted fractures of the patella have resorted to cross-linking of bone fragments polyester cord. Small fragments, or fragments that can not be securely fixed, are removed.

After surgical treatment is applied plaster cast for up to 1.5 months. After removing the plaster cast is appointed by physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise

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