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Pregnancy - Second Trimester

Pregnancy - Second Trimester

Pregnancy - second trimester is considered the most peaceful trimester. Well-being should improve. Appetite may be increased. There is active development of all systems and organs of the fetus.

Pregnancy - the fourth month

In the four months have seen rapid growth of the fetus. This is due to the intensive development of the skeleton, as well as a significant development of the abdominal cavity.

During this period, it is already possible to determine the blood group and Rh factor.

By the end of the 4th month of the kidneys occupy their final position shall be included in the metabolism and start to allocate the urine. Although the main excretory function of the placenta still performs. Begin to work and organs of digestive system: stomach, intestines and gallbladder. In the gut content appears first: there is, basically, it consists of bile and is called meconium.

Is the formation of the cerebral cortex, intensely divided into nerve cells, their number is constantly growing, there are fissures and convolutions.

During this period, the largest endocrine gland - the adrenal glands, and about 80% of body weight falls on the adrenal cortex. The adrenal glands produce the necessary hormones for the body of the fetus. By the 16th week begins to function and upper endocrine gland - the pituitary gland, established links with other glands and centers (the hypothalamus). Only the respiratory system is not yet included in a hurry to work.

Pregnancy - the fifth month

In the fifth month, the first woman clearly feels the movement of the fetus. Within an hour the five-month fetus can make from 20 to 60 "shocks", sometimes more, sometimes less. In general, tempo, rhythm, strength movements vary depending on time of day, from the physical and mental condition of mother. The relationship of the fetus and mother are not limited to metabolism. Long before the birth of a baby begins to feel, to feel upset and may rejoice. All this is reflected in the nature of his movements.

Too bad the fetus reacts to the lack of oxygen. Together with the character movements are changing the frequency and rhythm of his heartbeat. Therefore it is useful to attend classes, which teach breathing technique (during pregnancy and childbirth). Breathing will help improve the health of mother and baby, will provide the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients, improve blood flow to the brain. On

this age the baby is actively "speak" with her mother in the language of movement of his anxiety, joy, pleasure, his state of health. Very sensitive baby responds to changes in emotional state of mothers. Worry, fear, anger instantly transmitted to him. So learn to understand your baby and help him right now. Think about the child before allowing himself to become involved in the dispute. Need to listen to the movements of the child. Complete cessation of motor activity of the fruit for 24 hours or longer - a very disturbing signal.

During this period continues to grow nervous and endocrine systems. Operate virtually all endocrine glands: pituitary, pineal, thyroid and parathyroid glands, pancreas, adrenals, gonads. This work connects the spleen hematopoietic organs. It occurs in the spleen of "assembly" of lymphocytes and monocytes - white blood cells that perform a protective function in the body.

Leather baby during this period is covered by primeval grease. Grease, consisting of sebum and epidermal scales, protects the delicate skin of the fruit from damage, protects against harmful microorganisms, has antibacterial properties, forms the skin's immunity.

Pregnancy - the sixth month

During periods of active waking the baby moves. However, it is a dream most of the day - from 16 to 20 hours. After analyzing the brain waves recorded with an electroencephalogram, experts have found two phases, characteristic of adult sleep - slow and fast sleep. In REM sleep increases blood flow to the brain, activation of metabolic processes in its cells. In this phase the person dreaming. Experts do not know whether the dreams of seeing the fetus. However, it is known that REM sleep is necessary for the maturation of the fruit of the central nervous system and the formation of neural connections.

During this period, the fetus begins to make regular breathing movements, but the lung tissue is not cracked down and the air does not come into it. Amniotic fluid in the lung tissue includes, but their number is very small, they are quickly absorbed and does no harm. Air-filled lungs with only the first breath.

It is important that in the second trimester, the fetus was supplied with enough oxygen, so at this time there is a rapid increase in weight of the brain: in the two months he weighs 2 grams, in five months - 20-24 g, and by the end of the sixth month - 100 g Sharply decreases the ratio of mass to the anterior spinal cord. In three months it was (1 18), and in six months - (1 100).

To activate the fetal circulation, it is necessary to regularly perform a special set of exercises, learn to breathe correctly and fully, well relax. If the body is relaxed, all the cells receive adequate nutrition and are actively supplied with oxygen in the air, there is no stagnation.

At 24-28 weeks there is a development of the higher parts of the cerebral cortex, which affects the child's mental development, the development of hearing, and creative abilities. If women are depressed during this period, then the child may be prone to depression. Therefore, at this time are especially important positive emotions - dancing, the guests (in fun), nice music, painting, theater, exhibition ... should be more likely to be outdoors. Often include a pleasant melodic music, read stories together, paint, relax.

The term of 24-28 weeks, so to speak - is a term that corresponds to the infant post-natal period. By the sixth month of a well-formed all parts of the digestive system - esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver and pancreas.

From 20 weeks the fetus starts to receive from the mother through the placenta to immunoglobulins, which provide the child with passive immunity.

In the sixth month of fetal functioning senses. Formation of the functions are in the following sequence:
  • at the 3rd month, you see skin (tactile), the sensitivity
  • in 4 months - taste sensitivity
  • at the 5th month, connects the vestibular function, providing the balance of retention
  • 5-6 months - auditory and visual function.
  • After 28-weeks, for about 1.5-2 months before delivery, you can create the future "habit" of the child, the rhythm, convenient for mom and baby.

Pregnancy - what to look for in the second trimester

Pregnancy - second trimester expert advice

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