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Pregnancy - second trimester expert advice

Pregnancy - second trimester expert advice

Changes in breast

If the expectant mother wants to avoid cracked nipples, and to extend the period of breastfeeding, she should prepare in advance the chest. Starting from the second trimester can be trained in breast feeding.

To do this, make a gentle massage on a regular basis throughout the breast vegetable sponge or terry glove, avoiding a mole. Movement should be easy, flowing in a clockwise direction.

Particular attention should be paid to her nipples. If there is no risk of miscarriage, it is recommended to massage specifically for nipples. Pre-need to grease nipples oil rose hips, sea buckthorn, or fat-soluble vitamin E. Massage the nipples, pulling them away in a clockwise direction. Especially it will be useful for women with nipples drawn. After the massage the breast Wash with cool water and dry with a towel.

Carry water treatments - comfort or douches. Take air baths, sunbathe with an open chest.

If you want to keep the breast form, be sure to wear a bra.

Sometimes the fourth month of colostrum begins to stand - a light yellow liquid. Should not be afraid. Frequently wash the breast with cool water, put a bra in sterile gauze, and change them as needed.


During pregnancy, belching and heartburn may occur even in those women who they had never suffered. Heartburn is caused by the pressure of the uterus and intestines displaced the stomach and the nerve plexus. In addition, the cause of heartburn can be increased gastric acidity due to hormonal changes in the body and the restructuring of its nervous system during pregnancy.

If heartburn is recommended during the day to drink milk in small portions. Helps the infusion of herbs. For its preparation, the following herbs, taken in equal parts: oregano, basil, ginger, yarrow. Take 1 tsp mixture to make a glass of boiling water, drain in 10 minutes. Drink throughout the day.

Review diet. Necessary to exclude the possibility of excess stomach acid. Not recommended for acidic drinks and coffee. Avoid foods containing large amounts of spices and yeast products. For heartburn take activated charcoal binds acidic and toxic substances in the stomach and intestines. It is useful to drink a glass a day of freshly prepared potato juice, chew throughout the day oatmeal, hazelnuts and almonds. Try not to eat a lot at night.

Do not wear tight things, tightening the belly and waist. Avoid the inclination to polpoyasa - first bend your knees. During sleep, the head should be on the pillow, raised by 20 cm Try to relax.

Leg cramps

Muscle cramps - painful muscle contractions in the calves and feet. Muscle cramps are usually caused by disturbances in the body of mineral metabolism and congestion in the legs. Lack of calcium in the diet, poor circulation of fluids in the body, an excess of lactic acid and other harmful products of metabolism may affect the normal functioning of muscles.

To prevent muscle cramps is recommended:

Massage legs frequently, or ask my husband about it, especially before bedtime. When the painful contraction of muscles in the calves and feet pull the foot up to the knee, with a good massage the foot. Massage is performed on the hips to the feet. Fit, and this exercise: lie on the floor, lift legs, bending at the knees, and toes much rest against the wall.

You can take a contrast shower.

Pay attention to food. They must contain a sufficient amount of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium. At a high level of magnesium in the blood decreases muscular and nervous excitement, which prevents the occurrence of seizures.

Try to maintain an active lifestyle. Regularly articular exercises for pregnant women, visit the pool.

If cramps persist, consult a doctor to pick up the necessary minerals, vitamins, and herbal supplements.


Small hemorrhoids usually goes away after delivery. Hemorrhoids are usually caused by the pressure of the fetal head on the veins of the rectum. Typical symptoms include burning, itching around the rectum, discomfort or pain when sitting.

Try to avoid constipation. Follow the diet. Coping with constipation help prunes, dried apricots, baked apples and vegetables.

Regularly articular exercises, will be particularly useful exercise, called "cat." How to do it? Get on your knees, hands and feet put to the floor and parallel to each other. Slowly lift your head. Then gradually a little cave in at the waist. The breath of calm. This pose is a good cat. Her alternate with an angry cat posture. Lower your head and slowly back up Bend. Breathing is arbitrary. This exercise improves blood flow to the pelvic organs. Used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Visit the pool.

Take care of yourself. Do not lift the weight.

In the event the itch spend cleaning the hands with cold water. You can use the infusion of the following herbs: knotweed, pochechuynoy herb St. John's wort, yarrow, chamomile.

Consult with your doctor.


Symptoms of thrush: white clots in the vagina, severe itching, burning, a little soreness in the vulva. Always consult your doctor. Yeast should be treated before birth, since yeast can infect the mucosa of the mouth kid. Thrush can be caused by hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women, or be associated with dysbiosis.

Normally, the uterus are fungi and bacteria, called lactobacilli. In the normal course of life of cancer cells shed, resulting in stands sugar, which feed on fungi. Lactobacilli convert sugar into lactic acid, which is not a suitable environment for the growth of organisms, including fungi. In a healthy body an equilibrium between the lactobacilli and fungi. During pregnancy, hormones change the sugar into the cells and make the conditions for fungal growth more favorable. Therefore, pregnant women are more susceptible to fungal diseases.

Bacteria overgrowth (dysbiosis) - is a violation of the normal quantitative and qualitative composition of microflora of hollow organs, including the vagina, resulting in a environment favorable for the development of fungal genus Candida (candidiasis). Dysbiosis occurs under the influence of various factors - pollution, stress, leading to a weakening of the body's defenses, nutrition (predominance in the diet of carbohydrates, fats, fatty meat and the lack of fruits, herbs, vegetables), prolonged treatment with antibiotics and corticosteroids, fatigue and inertia of the body.

Consult a physician. Improve the body. Think about good nutrition during treatment. You should always avoid sweet and flour. Talk to your doctor about how to take primadofillyus. To increase the body's defenses regularly carry out water treatment: Take a contrast shower if you allow a doctor - take a comfortable bath with collection of herbs (mint, lavender, fir, pine needles). When the pain is better not to use soap. Wash the external genitalia buttermilk or whey. Buttermilk and yogurt containing lactobacilli, similar to that found in the uterus. Washing them helps restore the natural balance of bacteria and fungi. More fresh air.

A bad dream

Cause of poor sleep can have a baby too much agility as he beats the very feet. Talk to your baby, tell me how you love him, comfort kind words, read a book, sing a song. Ask to talk with the baby daddy. Children are very responsive to touch daddy's hands, they like to listen to my father's voice. Do relaxation exercises, listen to pleasant music for you, paint with. Can help water treatment - a comfortable shower, relaxing bath of herbs (if you allow a doctor). Avoid the hassles and disputes, especially at bedtime. It is better to walk, breathe fresh air. Take knitting, sewing. Choose a comfortable position for sleeping. Use a small pillow to take a comfortable position. Drink less before bedtime, not to have to get up frequently at night.

Stretch marks on the skin (the appearance of stretch marks)

The strong tension of the skin on the chest and abdomen, as well as in other parts of the body leads to increased local tension subcutaneous tissue, resulting in women at high terms appear atrophic band called stretch marks. Fresh stretch marks are reddish-blue color, then they become yellowish-white. The appearance of stretch marks can be caused by: 

changes of the hormonal system 


large accumulation of fluid
violation of local circulation
the influence of hereditary factors.

Make sure that the weight gain did not happen too quickly. Do the exercises that train the muscles for childbirth, regularly carry out exercises articulate. Visit the pool. Over time, stretch marks become thinner, but very rarely disappear. It is believed that the appearance of stretch marks is largely due to the hormonal system.

Strengthen your endocrine system with water treatment, in particular will benefit from a cold douche. Under the influence of cold water over-stretched areas of skin become more elastic and flexible, in addition to normal work of the hormonal system.

It is also recommended to make regular massage terry mitt or sponge plant. Movement during the massage should be soft and smooth. Make a circular motion toward the heart. Softly and gently massage do stomach, chest and thighs. Calm Massage improves blood circulation, lymph flow, restores the metabolic processes in the skin, improving its breathing. After the massage, apply an oil extract of the skin and wash off after a while. Take a contrast shower. Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy is not recommended. Through the skin of some components of the cream may enter the bloodstream, which is not always good for the baby. During pregnancy, the cream can be replaced with oil extracts from herbs. Oil extract can be prepared individually or use the ready extract. For example, you can use rosehip oil and sea buckthorn. From what herbs can make an oil infusion at home? Suitable grass cottonweed, calendula herb, grass, chamomile, thyme, sprouted wheat.

In order to preserve the elasticity of the skin, take vitamins, trace elements. Consume foods rich in silicic acid, copper, zinc and other micronutrients.

Itching all over his body

Itching all over the body - is one of the complications of pregnancy, which, however, is not a symptom of a disease. So far, not been established, any changes in the body due to pregnancy, causing itching. Take a comfortable shower or wipe all parts of the body with a towel moistened with warm water. After this soft, massage rub in the still damp skin ointment of calendula. You can cook the oil extract from herbs or essential oils of lavender, lemon balm, fir, pine.


Shortness of breath may occur at the time of exercise, such as climbing stairs or during active walking. Most often this occurs because the growing fetus presses on the diaphragm, causing it becomes difficult to breathe. If there was a shortness of breath, to sit quietly and smoothly on a chair or on his haunches, holding on to something. Watch for yourself - try to do all the movements smoothly, quietly measured. Rest as much as possible. At night, pillow your head pillow. If shortness of breath very worried, see your doctor.

Low blood pressure

During pregnancy in the cardiovascular system of a woman is going through some changes. Low blood pressure may occur in the normal course of pregnancy. In the vessels there are so-called "hypotonia" violations in the regulation of blood pressure. That is, the pressure suddenly drops, which can lead to fainting. Take a contrast shower every morning. Good help dousing with cold water. Cold water increases the elasticity of blood vessels, strengthens and restores them. It makes the skin supple and smooth. If your doctor allows, take a comfortable shared bath. Shared bath with the addition of an ordinary, or aira rosemary improves blood circulation. Under reduced pressure to be more likely to be outdoors, move more, regularly exercises articular and soft-training workout.


Always consult your doctor. In addition to the fact that the doctor will recommend: Be sure to spend a cleansing diet of course Bernard Jensen. Learn the basics of macrobiotics. Use vitamins-and soothing tea of mint, motherwort, valerian, hawthorn, cottonweed. Use self-massage points, regulatory pressure, and first aid points by the method of Su Jok therapy. Especially useful for massaging the tragus to a point at the tip of the ear and little finger. To determine the point in front of the ear tragus, wide open mouth and feel for finger dimple formed in front of the ear, the middle of it. If you open your mouth massage not necessary. Point at the tip of the little finger is located on the corner of the nail bed of the thumb. These points should be massaged several times a day. Good anger management help, meditation, because stress is one of the main starting points, increasing the pressure. Use water therapy to strengthen blood vessels and normalize their operation.


Sometimes referred to as toksimiyami gestosis, neuroses, allergoses pregnant, reflecting different views about their origin. Preeclampsia that develops in the first half of pregnancy, usually called early in the second half of it - later. Early symptoms of preeclampsia include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, change in taste and olfactory sensations, loss of weight. Talk to your doctor.

Recommended easily digested diet rich in vitamins. Eating should be lying down, in small portions. When nausea and salivation is recommended to rinse the mouth with sage, chamomile, oak bark. In addition, if the doctor does not object, recommended walks in the fresh air, quiet music, drawing. The symptoms of late toxicosis is a protein in the urine, edema, high blood pressure, excess weight. Always consult your doctor. Try to increase the duration of night sleep (at least 9-10 hours).

More often in the open air. Pay attention to nutrition. We recommend a diet with restriction of salt, carbohydrates, fat and liquid. You can go to the macrobiotic diet. In addition, prescribed herbs that have sedative (motherwort, valerian, hawthorn) and diuretic (strawberry knotweed grass, leaves, cranberries, fennel seeds, pine buds, leaves of bearberry) action, multivitamins (rose, chokeberry), folic acid, Vitamin E (also purged food rich in vitamin E). Most medicinal plants prescribed in the 20-22, 28-33, 35-37 weeks of pregnancy at 10-15 days of prophylaxis. It is important to eliminate negative emotions. Remember that treatment determines and conducts a doctor!

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