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Obesity - treatment of obesity

Obesity - treatment of obesity

Obesity - a disease that winning pace we have seen with you every day on the streets, at work, and, unfortunately, in the family, when you or your loved ones begin to notice that the shape of the body are not as slim as ever. The worst thing is that the overweight piled on us, and problems such as diabetes, hypertension, varicose veins, arthritis of joints, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

Obesity is insidious and that it has a lot of reasons for its occurrence - a genetic predisposition, social background, psychological problems and stress, and unhealthy lifestyle, which includes a low physical activity and, of course, excessive consumption of fatty foods. As a result, through a system of complex biochemical reactions in the body increases the amount of adipose tissue.

Objectively assess how far gone the process, helps the body mass index - a value that indicates the degree of overweight. It is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. In normal weight BMI of 18.5 - 24.5, about overweight say when it figures 25.0 - 29.9. You can safely put themselves obese I level, if BMI = 30.0 - 34.9, II degree of obesity, if 35.0 - 39.9, and III level at a BMI> 40.0.

Without a doubt, it is important to know why there is obesity, and how to prevent its occurrence, but most of us recalls when the problem is already there and it's time to proceed with the treatment of obesity. And if it becomes clear to many, just looking in the mirror that reflects not the forms that you would like to have, the doctors do not get tired to stress that without the full treatment of obesity you doom yourself to the development of serious chronic disease and, ultimately, reduction in life expectancy, which, you see, can be so beautiful.

According to recent data, it is clear that the conservative treatment of obesity is successful only if carried out a complex - special diets, medication and regular exercise. But in the case of a good result is always the chance that weight will return to its original level, if you do not survive and give yourself indulgence, for the right to make it a rule that the treatment of obesity - is a lifelong process.

If we talk about food, then on the site in abundance varied diet that you can choose your own taste. Although the treatment of obesity involves more rational transition to a balanced diet, which you also can find out by staying in our guest. Now, recall that a balanced diet should ideally be hypocaloric, which takes into account your personal eating habits, food intake to no more flour to you, as well as age, sex and physical activity.

Great interest is, of course, drugs to treat obesity, which, however, need to take a very long time and if non-pharmacological treatment of obesity is not unfruitful. They contribute to a well-defined weight loss rate is usually aligned to the sixth month of treatment, but after a year of treatment, the effectiveness of them, according to recent research begins to fall. What can we offer modern pharmacology for the treatment of obesity? Such well-known drugs like sibutramine and phentermine have the ability to reduce appetite. When administered quickly there is a feeling of fullness that makes you quietly refuse from absorbing the extra portions of food. Other Vehicles - Xenical Orlistat or do not give absorbed fats from food by binding in the stomach with a variety of lipases, due to which fat and split, resulting in up to 30% fat derived from a chair. But that's not enough, if excess weight is 45 pounds or more, it remains a last resort - bariatric surgery.

Results of surgical treatment of obesity is impressive - according to American doctors, patients over 10 years to lose from 20 to 80 pounds and maintain weight at the current level, which affects the well during concomitant diseases - diabetes, hypertension, lipid metabolism, etc. . So for someone better option for treating obesity - bariatric surgery, which just helps people who are overweight. And for many, especially in the presence of serious diseases, it is the only way to improve health and prolong life, and do it once and for all.

Before you decide on surgery, you need to know what your body mass index. If the figure turns out to be a BMI greater than 40, then it's time to do treatment for obesity through bariatric surgery. If you already suffer from such unpleasant things as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems or varicose veins, then decided on surgery is needed and at a BMI of 35.

In the arsenal of bariatric surgery available today several operations audited the general meaning of which - significantly reduce the amount of food enters the stomach, since you can not do it at will! For example, gastric banding. This is when you impose on your stomach silicone ring, which is why it is similar in shape to an hourglass. And the upper section of the stomach is able to fill and stretch even a small amount of food, and it is stretching the upper part of the stomach tells the brain that you were satisfied and there is no longer want. You understand that if this happens all the time, the food you eat is not an example less than before the operation - all genius is simple! And so slowly, a year and a half, losing 50-70% of excess weight.

The stomach is still possible to bypass - also creates a "small ventricle" at the top of the usual, somewhere in volume 50 ml, which is also stitched a loop of small intestine. As a result, half of the food is not the usual way, and once in the intestine, the nutrients are not absorbed from it. The result is very impressive - 70-100% overweight for a year and a half.

More sparing surgery to treat obesity - Introduction of an intragastric balloon as a temporary measure. Is a silicone balloon, which is already in the stomach filled with fluid. Constantly pretending that he has food, balloon simulates the feeling of satiety by acting on the walls of the organ. Unfortunately, after only 6 months to remove the cylinder to avoid complications, but in the meantime you can lose 10 - 15 pounds. But getting the long-awaited result, you should not forget that the disease will not go anywhere if you take the mind and not build up, finally, the correct diet and sufficient physical activity that are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle.

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