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Infertility Modern technology infertility treatment

Infertility - the inability of a couple to conceive through sexual intercourse without contraception, which lasted for 1 year. In 75-80% of pregnancies occur within the first 3 months of regular sexual life of young, healthy couple, that is when the husband's age - 30, and wife - 20 years. In the older age group (30-35 years), this period increases up to a year, and after 35 years - more than a year.

According to recent reports, approximately 35-40% of infertile couples the cause is male, approximately 50% - a woman and a 15-20% there is a mixed factor infertility, ie infertility is a pair of "guilty" man and woman. To select the most effective method of infertility treatment should be to ascertain the cause. Given that the barren marriage can be the result of not only women, but male infertility requires examination of both spouses.

Modern technology infertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (ISM) or in vitro fertilization (IVF), can in most cases to solve the problems infertile couples.

Infertility - what can be considered infertile? This question is answered at different times in different ways. There was a time when doctors are not involved in the survey until the couple's "experience" of their childless marriage was less than 4 years, then the term was reduced to 3, then up to 2 years.

It is now believed that if a regular sex life pregnancy does not occur during the year, we must raise the issue of infertility and to begin assessment and treatment of spouses.

This term - 1 year - defined statistically:
30% of healthy couples pregnancy occurs during the first three months of living together
60% - over the next seven
the remaining 10% - eleven or twelve months after the onset of sexual activity.
Thus, a year - enough time to evaluate the fertility of couples in the absence of pregnancy, say fruitless marriage.

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