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lung sequestration

lung sequestration

Sequestration is a pulmonary malformation, characterized by two features: the lack of connection of the affected area with a bronchial system, lung and blood supply of the anomalous artery directly off of the aorta or its branches.

Distinguish between extra-and vnutridolevuyu sequestration.

When vnutridolevoy sequestration of lungs - abnormal area is located among normal lung tissue. And when vnedolevoy abnormal lung areas most often located in the thoracic cavity above the diaphragm, at least in the abdominal cavity.

Extrapulmonary located sequestered areas may coalesce with adjacent organs (esophagus, stomach, etc.), sometimes disrupting their function. Manifestations of vice may be absent for several years, until sequestered infection site. In this case, there is a child clinical pneumonia, which recur in the future.

Radiographs of sequestered areas of the lungs in the form of homogeneous or inhomogeneous shadow of the most frequently projected in the X segment of the left and right. Tomography sometimes reveals cystic changes, not detectable on radiographs, and pathological vessel, which is pathognomonic for this defect. Bronchography does not reveal the characteristic changes.

Treatment of pulmonary sequestration only operative.

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