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Cysts of the lung, Diagnosis of pulmonary cysts

Cysts of the lung, Diagnosis of pulmonary cysts

Cysts of the lungs are the air or liquid zapolennye cavity in the lung. Distinguished:

acquired cysts of the lungs.

Acquired cysts (false) show in destructive pneumonias of different etiology.

Cysts of the lung innate origin (true cysts of the lung) are the result of disruption of the bronchus (bronchial cyst) or dysplasia of the pulmonary parenchyma.

Bronchial cysts contain elements of the bronchial wall of their structures;, the epithelium lining the cyst fluid is capable of producing. Cysts with pulmonary origin, lined with alveolar epithelium.

Congenital cysts may be single and multiple (polycystic), asymptomatic and detected with a random X-ray examination. In children, the disease can occur in the type of recurrent pneumonia, occurring in the same area of the lung. Congenital cysts are most often localized in the upper lobe of the left lung, as a rule, there is a unilateral lesion.

Diagnosis of pulmonary cysts

Radiological air cysts detected in the form of well-defined single or multiple radiolucencies in an unchanged pulmonary field or on the background and amplified pulmonary drawing strain. When layering the cavities on each other lung lesion becomes pitted appearance.

When bronchography lung cysts contrasted relatively rare. In addition to the appearance of inflammatory changes within lung cysts may be complicated by stress, but also a breakthrough in the pleural cavity to form a pneumatic or pneumoempyema. Tense cyst usually occurs on the background of pneumonia or acute respiratory viral infections in the formation of the valve mechanism as a result of endobronchitis leading to stenosis resulting in the bronchus. This complication leads to threatening respiratory failure.

The differential diagnosis should be performed in cases of tuberculosis with prolonged duration of pneumonia in the area of the cyst.

Treatment of cysts of the lungs with repeated relapses of pneumonia surgery.

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