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Hypochondriacal neurosis

Under the painful hypochondria meant to focus on his health with a tendency to ascribe a disease to a minor issue. This gives rise to a variety of painful sensations in various parts of the body.

For the MI is characterized by the dominance of the clinical picture of reactive anxiety concerns have arisen about their health in the absence of reasonable grounds for this. Such concerns often arise in people anxious and worried-or adynamic other than increased anxiety about their health.

The reason for the manifestation of hypochondriacal ideas may serve as a story about someone's illness or death, a slight physical illness, or arising autonomic disorders (tachycardia, sweating) when drinking alcohol. Anxiety can cause these components of emotions of fear, palpitations, chest tightness, dry mouth, nausea, disorders of the gastrointestinal fear. The latter in turn may be the reason for the hypochondriac processing.

Very typical of MI caused by psychogenic pain or other unpleasant sensations in the body. There are people who have these feelings, sometimes bright, can occur under the influence of ideas. These people actually experience pain or unusual sensations (tingling, tingling, burning). When they say that they have all right and they are currently healthy and inspired these feelings, they are puzzled or feel that the doctor did not recognize their illness.

If hypochondriacal fears arise against a background of depressed mood, but hypochondriacal complaints are in the first place, then we can talk about hypochondriacal depression.

If the clinical picture is dominated by the content of hypochondriacal phobia (fear of AIDS), we talk about anxiety-disorder fibicheskom. In hypochondriasis schizophrenia were under the clinical picture is dominated by the years-long senesto-hypochondriac syndrome. Painful sensations at the same time often have the character of fanciful, whimsical, quirky, "and the adhesion of the meninges razlipanie", "burning in the cerebellum," "bubbles gurgling in my chest," "vibration in the heart."

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