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Borderline personality

The maximum prevalence of personality disorders found in the age of 19-34 years. The features of the structure are significant clinical polymorphism and variability of symptoms, which are based on fundamental breach of the individual.

Baseline symptom - severe instability in the representation of himself or the self, the volatility of attitudes, goals and plans. In contrast to the impulsive type of mood crises, emerging as a growing confusion and anxiety, often accompanied by acts of self-harm and suicide attempts, and not violence.

The deficit forecast for these individuals combined with the ability to partial use of previous experience. Although their way of life is rough - accompanied by a sudden "zigzag" in the family and social life (love overcomes all obstacles with subsequent rupture, sudden change of work after a minor professional conflict), it does not lead to the formation of persistent maladjustment.

An integral part of the structure of pathology in borderline personality disorder are often comorbid disorders:
  • eating disorders
  • Drug and alcohol dependence
  • promiscuity.

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