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Massage for varicose veins

Massage for varicose veins

As a subsidiary of massage is often used. Massage is a very simple and effective procedure that helps in the fight against varicose veins.

With the help of massage can relieve fatigue legs to improve circulation. Must abide by certain rules. Massage movements should be light, to cause pain.

Examples of massage:

With tired legs - for 5 minutes - 10 to lie down and elevate your feet on an elevated position (pillows). This method improves the venous drainage and can improve the outcome. Then you can go directly to the massage.

Hands tightly grasping the ankles, and somewhere about ten times produce strokes in the direction of the knee. In this hands glide smoothly over the skin without moving it. The next step - shin rubbing in a circular motion, carried out also from the bottom up, first a slight (8-10) and then with a little pressure on the veins, as if squeezing out of them extra volume of blood (8-10). The impact with the more energetic, the skin is shifted from the spot. Once again, grip the leg with his hands, making it so that the thumb was located on the one hand, and the rest - the other, and gently knead the muscles, gradually rising to the knee (3-4). Complete this stage of the massage in the same way as it began - stroking upward movements of the shin.

After that, move on to the thigh, performing similar exercises in the same sequence, moving toward the groin. Enhance the therapeutic effect promotes the use of procedures during it protivovarikoznoy ointment.

At the end of the massage, the duration of which in total should not exceed 5-7 minutes, again take a horizontal position with raised its head. If there is a need, not getting out of bed, tape up the shin or wear compression stockings / tights.

Massage preferably in the morning after school physical therapy, a combination of foot massage and lumbar spine, involved in the innervation of blood vessels, skin and muscles of the lower extremities. You should know that there are some limitations and contraindications, which can not circumvent in any case.

If varicose veins are prohibited from making massage in decompensated phase of the process, in the case of existing complications of the disease in the form of superficial thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, venous disorders.

When varicose veins is contraindicated vacuum massage, performed by means of plastic or glass jars, with extreme care should be taken to self-massage honey.

Professional hand massage with emphasis on his self-massage and lymphatic drainage component of the scheme described above is an excellent method for preventing varicose veins of the lower limbs and a very good addition to the basic treatment of the disease. However, the ability of these procedures in order to avoid undesirable effects have to be agreed with the doctor.

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