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lumbar laminectomy

lumbar laminectomy,  How is the laminectomy

Lumbar laminectomy (also known as open decompression) is usually performed to relieve pain caused by nerve root compression stenosis of the lumbar spine.

Laminectomy is the removal of a small piece of bone over the nerve spine vertebra and part of the intervertebral disc from the spine. As a result of this operation, the nerve gets more space around its blood supply is restored, eliminating the frustration and the pain subsides.

How is the laminectomy

The operation of laminectomy discectomy is different from the fact that it is accompanied by a long incision and a greater number of muscle stretch.

Access to the nerve root is obtained by cutting a length of 4 - 10 cm in the midline, and the muscles of the left and right are cut off from the vertebral arches on both sides and at different levels.

Once obtained access to the spine, performed removal bifida (laminectomy) which allows you to see the nerve root.

Further, facet joints of vertebrae, which are usually above the nerve roots, cut down, resulting in increased space around the nerve.

After surgery, the patient remains in hospital for 1-3 days. Mobilization of the patient (that is, is when he starts physical activity), largely depends on its condition prior to surgery and age.

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