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Hysterical personality disorder

Hysterical personality disorder - the basic features:
  • emotionally charged desire for originality
  • the requirement of recognition by others
  • constant feeling of inner tension
  • hypersensitivity to interpersonal relationships.

Inherent emotional tantrums, which reduces tension and reactivity of the surface may seem to others, especially given the capriciousness, fragility and instability of the attachment of interest.

Eccentricity in dress, behavior and expressive forms of "theater" actions designed for external effects and internal preferences reflect a little.

Hysterical personalities dominate:
  • creative thinking
  • tendency to increased suggestibility
  • displacement of objective truth, which is manifested a penchant for inventions
  • propensity to imitate, and various adventures
  • propensity to search for manifestations of completely unknown, the mysterious disease.

In adulthood, they are little adapted to the occupations that require organization, and thorough knowledge. These people prefer to celebrate life with ostentatious splendor. They tend to follow fashion, idolize famous artists. Exhibit a tendency to eroticization interpersonal relations: the plant are numerous, short-lived romances. Tend to form relationships overvalued.

There are types of hysterical personalities:



For gistrionnogo type is characterized by the desire to make a favorable impression in the eyes of others to stand in the aura of strangeness, mystery and exclusivity with a tendency toward self-assertion. The most severe variant of this type - a pathological liar whose behavior is usually dictated by the selfish reasons that lead to a clash with the law.

A distinctive feature of blazirovannogo type are psychophysical infantilism, youthfulness, the gracilis, combined with mock innocence and candor.

Some authors have narcissistic personality disorder that is characterized by a grandiose sense of importance and uniqueness, preoccupation fantasies of unprecedented success, unlimited power, brilliance, beauty and ideal love.

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