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Hammer toes Treatment

Hammer toes - toes that deformation in the form of a hammer, when the fingers are not involved in the process of walking, reliance falls on the head of metatarsal bones. As a distinct disease hammer toes are rare. This is usually a consequence of the overall complex foot deformities. Most often, such a change are the second and third toes.

Foot deformities may be different. In most cases, hammer toes are formed as a result of osteoarthritis interphalangeal joints of fingers, which is developing flexion contracture (limitation of mobility in the joint). This is combined with cross-footed, and other deformities of the foot.

Gradually developed subluxation phalanges in metatarsophalangeal joints. In these joints develop osteoarthritis. Under the metatarsal heads, which account for support, there are corns. On the back surface of the skin at the site of contact fingers having calluses, as always injured fingers held out shoes. The cause of the pain associated with strains hammer toes are usually deforming arthritis in the joints. Pain occur when walking, aggravated by an attempt to stand on tiptoes.

Treatment of hammer toes.

At the beginning of the disease can be treated conservatively. The patient is recommended to wear loose shoes. Appointed a special orthopedic shoes, tailored individually. Uppers usually done to reduce mild injury speakers fingers.

The purpose of wearing orthopedic shoes, correct deformity. But much more rapid treatment. It is aimed at addressing the flexion contractures of the interphalangeal joints. Techniques of surgical intervention for more than 40 species. But for the most part performed resection of the main phalanx dislocated finger. After surgical treatment of applied plaster cast for a month.

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