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Symptoms of diseases of lower limb arteries

At the beginning of the patient can not feel any signs of atherosclerosis. The most common symptom of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities - intermittent claudication. This condition is characterized by the fact that during walking the patients' pain or discomfort in the legs, which are at rest. Not necessarily always comes pain. Sometimes it can be a feeling of constriction, weakness or cramps in the legs. Most often, intermittent claudication occurs when vzbiranii the hill or climbing stairs, that is when the state when the legs are given more than the usual load. Over time, intermittent claudication occurs when less short distances. Only 50% of people with diseases of the lower limb arteries appears intermittent claudication.

Other symptoms of atherosclerosis of lower limb arteries are loss of hair on the legs, and dryness of skin blanching feet, thickening of the nail and a decrease in sensitivity. In advanced cases, there are blackening and sores on the toes. This is due to blockage or narrowing of small vessels full of fingers. The blood no longer flow to the tissues and develop their necrosis.

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