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Gastritis - is an inflammatory disease of the stomach. In gastritis the inflammatory process involves the superficial lining of the stomach - the mucosa and submucosa.

Causes of inflammation in the stomach varied, they are divided into:
  • external
  • internal.

The external causes of gastritis include a variety of eating disorders: irregular meals, hasty and inadequate chewing of food while eating, the habit of eating too hot or too cold foods, abuse of spices (pepper, mustard), the use of brute trudnoperevariemoy food. Contribute to the development of gastritis smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Some medications (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sulfonamides, antibiotics, anti-TB drugs) can lead to gastritis.

Internal causes of gastritis - a cause that result from disturbances in the body due to diseases of other organs and systems. Most often this variety of metabolic disorders, systemic diseases.

There are acute and chronic gastritis. As the prevalence of inflammation in the stomach, gastritis can be divided into:

Superficial gastritis, when the inflammatory process involves only the upper layers of the stomach.

Gastritis with damage to the glands, but without atrophy (with a deeper spread of the inflammatory process).

Atrophic gastritis. In this case, the inflammatory process gradually leads to atrophy of the glandular cells of the stomach.

Hypertrophic gastritis, in which the gastric mucosa thickens.

Antral gastritis, when inflammation occurs in an adjacent area to the entrance of the stomach into the duodenum.

Erosive gastritis, which is characterized by the formation of erosions - Partial defects of the mucous membrane.

Calculated and the functional state of the glandular apparatus of the stomach. Gastritis may be associated with impairment of secretory function of the stomach, or it can be saved.

With the current release of gastritis:

phase of acute gastritis (gastritis decompensated), when signs of inflammation are expressed significantly

remission phase (compensated gastritis), if the manifestations of inflammation subside.
Almost always accompanies chronic gastritis gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and cancer in the stomach.

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