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Fracture of the radius in a typical location

The turning point of the beam in a typical location or fracture of the distal radius metaepiphysis not uncommon, especially in the elderly.

The mechanism of fracture - fall on an outstretched hand. If the patient is in the fall based on his palm, there is a fracture with displacement of peripheral fragments toward the big toe and the rear of the brush. This change is called a fracture Kolles (Collis).

When falling on a bent wrist when support falls on the back of the hand, peripheral otlomok shifted towards the palm. This change Smith, who found much less frequently. Fracture line is usually located at the 2-3 cm above the level of luchezapyasnogo joint. Sometimes there is a fragmentation of the peripheral fragment and is wedged into the joint. The state of these patients is more severe. The patient complains of pain in the joint and luchezapyasntom of fracture. In the area of wrist strain detected by type of bayonet or plug. Clarify the diagnosis in medical imaging.

Treatment. Spend the fracture analgesia. In the absence of displacement or impacted fractures with palmar plaster splint is applied from the base of the fingers to the upper third of the forearm for 3 weeks. By the end of the first week of prescribed physical therapy and exercise therapy. For fractures with displacement spend reposition of bone fragments, then placing plaster for 4 weeks.

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