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Compression therapy for varicose veins

Compression therapy for varicose veins

As already noted, the conservative treatment of varicose veins does not lead to a cure of the disease. Conservative treatment is carried out to:

  • Prevention of varicose veins
  • Stopping or slowing progression of varicose veins
  • Treatment of comorbidities associated with varicose veins.

Conservative treatment today involves the use of medicines (pills, ointments), and compression therapy (compression stockings).

Drugs for the treatment of varicose veins

The main group of drugs for the treatment of varicose veins - it flebotoniki. This group of drugs has a tonic effect on the wall of the vein. This is their main activity. And as you know, the tone of the walls of veins plays an important role in the formation of varicose veins.

Among flebotonikov, which are used to treat varicose veins are now known, such as Detralex, giosmin, Aescusan, Antistax, ginkor, cyclo-3 and others.

All these drugs can be in tablet form (or in the form of oral solution) or in the form of ointments / gels.

Usually, the drugs themselves conservative treatment for varicose veins can not save the patient from the disease. But they are an integral part of a comprehensive treatment of varicose veins.

Conservative treatment is indicated when complications of varicose veins such as ulcers, changes in the skin. Flebotoniki also help reduce edema and heaviness in the legs.

In addition to the treatment of varicose veins flebotonikov used other drugs, in particular, Antiplatelet or coagulants. The effect of these drugs is that they contribute to the liquefaction of thick, sticky blood, thereby prevent blood clots in varicose veins.

Today in Russia the most popular among physicians is drug Detralex Phlebology. Take this drug courses, an average of 2 months.

Compression Hosiery

Treatment of compression stockings is to wear special stockings, socks or golf, which provide compression, ie, the squeezing action on the superficial veins. The effect of compression therapy lies in the fact that so stop further progression of the development of varices and worsening of trophic processes in the skin. In fact, compression stockings can suspend the development of varicose veins, but also as medicine does not cure him, however long it may be used.

Compression hosiery, depending on magnitude of the effect on the veins, is divided into classes:
Compression class I (18-21 mm Hg. Art.)
Class II compression (23-32 mm Hg. Art.)
Class III compression (34-46 mm Hg. Art.)
Class IV compression (more than 49 mm Hg. Art.)

Compression therapy is indicated at any stage of varicose veins of both the initial and light, and in case of pronounced varicose veins and trophic changes.

How does compression therapy for varicose veins

Compression hosiery exerts its effect through the following:

Compression hosiery compresses the superficial and perforating veins, resulting in increased volume of blood flow in the deep veins of the legs, and, consequently, decreases venous "capacity" legs.

Increased interstitial pressure due to compression increases the resorption of extracellular fluid, which manifests a decrease in swelling.
Increasing the speed limfootoka promotes elimination of excess fluid from the tissues.

Contraindications to the use of compression hosiery
  • Chronic obliterating diseases of arteries of lower extremities,
  • Severe forms of diabetic polyneuropathy and angiopathy,
  • Decompensated cardiopulmonary disease,
  • Sores nevenoznoy etiology,
  • Acute infection of the soft tissues,
  • Septic phlebitis.

Currently, compression hosiery is produced by different companies, and each type has its advantages jersey.

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