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Chronic inflammation of the frontal sinuses

Chronic inflammation of the frontal sinuses

The most common cause of acute frontal transition to chronic persistent violation of a cross-fronto-nasal canal, lowering the reactivity of the organism, especially since the common infectious diseases. This is facilitated by the middle turbinate hypertrophy, significant distortion of the nasal septum, the narrowness and curvature of the fronto-nasal canal polypous process in the nasal cavity.

In most chronic sinusitis combined with chronic etmoiditom (inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses). Acute inflammation of the frontal sinus becomes chronic if it lasts more than a half months. Manifestations and complaints depend on the nature of the disease.

In remission of complaints from the nose may not be. However, in most cases, the disease causes frequent headache in the forehead, the nose is almost always goes discharge, often has an unpleasant smell, impaired nasal breathing and smelling.

At rhinoscopy detected more often mucopurulent, but there may be mucous or purulent discharge only. In some cases, it is abundant at times scarce. Polypous, serous and catarrhal processes are usually accompanied by a light liquid discharge.

The mucous membrane of the most changed in the front end of the middle basin and on the opposite part of the nasal septum - hyperemic, thickened, edematous. Palpation of the frontal sinus walls often painful. In the internal angle of the orbit is often a painful swelling. In some cases, nasal congestion, in the absence of microflora in the sinus leads to accumulation of secretions and the formation of mukotseliya whose content is the secret of the mucous glands, goblet cells, lymph.

In the presence of infection violation of the outflow from the sinuses can lead to the formation of subperiosteal abscess, purulent formation of cartilage, usually on the lower wall, usually closer to the inner corner of eye.

In severe symptoms of disease diagnosis does not cause difficulties. In cases where the picture is unclear, or resort to sensing trepanopunktsii frontal sinus. Their results, including data contrast radiography, as a rule, help to establish the correct diagnosis.

In the absence of local and general complications of frontal sinusitis treatment should begin with conservative measures. The main ones are to ensure drainage of sinus secretions with the infusion of vasoconstrictor nose drops, as well as probing the sinus contents with suction, irrigation and the introduction of antibiotics in it.

In chronic purulent sinusitis without polypous changes might designation UHF or microwave therapy. In those cases where in the middle nasal passage hypertrophy has, impeding the outflow of the sinus should be made to release the nasal aperture fronto-nasal canal from excess tissue, thus improving its permeability.

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