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Obesity In Children

Obesity In Children

Obesity In Children - one of the clearest examples where parents can do almost everything that the child did not suffer from childhood is, in general, an adult problem. It is no such thing as innate obese children - absolutely all children at birth have a normal number of fat cells, even if mum and dad they have champions on extra pounds.

But if parents have a very curvaceous, there remains a strong possibility that their child will be obese. And all because that usually feed it, as always used to feed themselves - very much and very tasty, and the ration of such a family is difficult to attribute to a healthy diet, overeating is commonplace, which gradually becomes accustomed to the child, giving up the power of harmful habits of adults.

But by itself the child always knows how, and what he wants to eat - he is still functioning well appetite center. But for the parents is a matter of pride that the child had finished a good portion of the end - and in the course are persuasions, promises of gifts, children distracted, read books, and sometimes even punished. As a result, fat cells are growing by leaps and bounds. That this is the most common way of development of childhood obesity when body mass exceeds the ideal by 20% or more.

In obese children has its own characteristics - as the extra pounds are typed in the range from 7 to 10 years, and fat is most apparent in the lower half of the body - thighs, buttocks, and they are, unfortunately, will never disappear. Only intensive physiotherapy and massage procedures can reduce problem areas.

A totally, radically rid of excess weight will only bariatric surgery. Many will be surprised that with regard to childhood obesity, this often seems to be habitual and not terrible, but the main thing, not a life-threatening condition, can we talk about the surgery. But if children are not so much faced with problems, particularly psychological and social considerations associated with obesity, we already have a sip of their teens with a vengeance! Ridicule their peers, inability to share the many entertainment-related physical activity, and as a consequence, the development of the complexes and neuroses, brought many of them are obese, up to the brink of despair.

If you start talking about the treatment of childhood obesity, it immediately comes to mind with a sharp restriction diet of carbohydrates, which is certainly a reasonable pathogenetic therapy. But such emotional beings, as children and teenagers who are committed to their extremes. Everyone has heard about the terrible times when young girls bring themselves to a state of immigrants Buchenwald, refusing food in the hope to be like models. But if there is predisposition to obesity, which is manifested at the biochemical level defects in the activity of specific enzymes involved in the breakdown of fat, even most severe diet hardly help to remove only a few pounds.

Therefore, the most effective way to prevent childhood obesity - healthy eating right from birth, which can not occur and give the existing genetic predisposition. And, of course, by all means avoid that junk food and low quality fast food, which is abused by residents of large cities and is affecting the most deleterious, causing and maintaining obesity of children.

Because of this power they receive excess fat and carbohydrate and deficient protein and beneficial vitamins and minerals, because of which, except for childhood obesity develop anemia, stomach disease, disorders of posture, flat feet, etc. Obesity leads to deviations in the state of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, contributes to the development of diabetes and other endocrine disorders, causing impaired puberty. And subsequently, in adulthood, childhood obesity threatens to hypertension, atherosclerosis, gout, myocardial infarction, and reduced life expectancy.

As you can see, this is not about nothing. Already, in many countries, 12-20% of obese children and adolescents, so try to do everything possible so that your child was a member of the other 80-88% and has always been the most harmonious and healthy!

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