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Fracture of the olecranon

Fracture of the olecranon

The mechanism of fracture - a direct blow to the olecranon, the elbow drop on its rear surface. Occasionally the gap of the olecranon with a sharp stress attached to it triceps.

Fracture of the olecranon can happen anywhere at the base, in the middle, on top of the olecranon. Olecranon covered triceps tendon stretching and displacement of fragments depends on the tendon stretching. When it occurs breaking fragment offset upward.

The patient is worried about the pain of injury. Arm straight, hanging down. Often the victim is holding her good hand. In the presence of bias can be felt discrepancy between the fragments. Voluntary movements in the joint is possible. To clarify the diagnosis produce X-rays.


Anesthesia is performed by injection of local anesthetic into the fracture site. If there is no bias on the arm plaster cast is applied from the upper third of the shoulder to the base of the fingers. Hand bent with an angle of 90 degrees at the elbow.

Plaster cast is removed after 1 month. With a large displacement of fragments is carried out surgery. If otlomok large size of its fixed screw and stitched aponeurosis. If otlomok very small sometimes it is removed, or hold fixation. In any case, be appointed in early physiotherapy.

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