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Epididymitis - Chronic and acute epididymitis Treatment

Epididymitis - Chronic and acute epididymitis Treatment

Epididymitis is inflammation of the epididymis. The epididymis is located above the testicle, and is educated in a short tube. Sperm are formed in the testis, epididymis, and ripen in here acquire mobility. The inflammatory process in the epididymis cause different micro-organisms and viruses. The most common infection in the epididymis through the blood falls from distant foci of infection, or acute infectious diseases (influenza, pneumonia, sinusitis, tonsillitis). Microorganisms can reach the epididymis and vas deferens in inflammatory processes in the urethra, the bladder. Contribute to the emergence of epididymitis malformations of the urogenital system and the trauma of the epididymis.

A special type of epididymitis occurs after sterilization (ligation of the vas deferens). Then the sperm is formed does not find out and may be inflammation of the epididymis. The epididymis is increased in size and reaches the size of eggs and more. Vas deferens swells and thickens. Epididymitis may be accompanied by inflammation of the vas deferens (vasitis), or inflammation of the sheath of the spermatic cord (funiculitis). Epididymitis may be acute or chronic.

Chronic epididymitis is rare. Usually, when specific infections (tuberculosis, syphilis). It is more often bilateral and often leads to besplodiyu.Hronichesky epididymitis occurs and after sterilization by men.

Acute epididymitis begins with a rise in body temperature to 39-40 degrees. The epididymis is sharply increased in size. There is a sharp pain in one half of the scrotum, the scrotum swells, it stretches the skin, loss of folds. Maybe red scrotum. Give pain in the groin, perineum, sacrum. If untreated abscess can occur appendage and the patient's condition deteriorates. Able to finish the transition of an infectious process in the egg - there is inflammation of the testicles - orchitis. In the long appendage tissue infection sclerotherapy in the lumen of the vas deferens and the duct formed adhesions can become impassable for sperm. In this case, if there is two-sided process of infertility.

The diagnosis of epididymitis is set on the basis of characteristic clinical picture: the pain, the increase in the epididymis. Produce a laboratory test of blood, urine. In case of difficulties in the diagnosis of conduct ultrasound.

Treatment of acute epididymitis. The patient is prescribed bed rest. Prescribed diet (eliminate spicy, fried foods), drinking plenty of fluids. The scrotum should be given an elevated position for better drainage of blood and reduce pain. For this purpose, jockstrap or simply enclose the towel. To apply a cold in the scrotum during the first days of the disease. Be sure to designate antibiotics. Determine which organism caused the inflammation is difficult, therefore, prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics or a combination thereof. If an abscess (abscess) appendage, carry out surgical treatment - an abscess cavity is opened, sometimes with a long ongoing process, and no effect of treatment, an appendage removed.

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