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Artificial insemination methods

The methods of artificial insemination

Lack of effective methods to restore the natural fertility of man in cases of tubal and tubo-peritoneal infertility has stimulated the development of methods of artificial insemination. Recent years have seen rapid growth as the number of artificial insemination techniques themselves, and of their application. Let us dwell briefly on the possibilities and effectiveness of each of these methods, as well as the indications for their use.

Intrauterine insemination with sperm of her husband and the donor

Intrauterine insemination (ISM) is made in cases where the woman is completely healthy and pipes are passable, but the husband has a reduced fertilizing capacity of sperm, but its performance is such that, after some manipulation, it is sufficient to fertilize the egg after injection directly into the uterus.

In addition, an attempt is made and the ISM with normal rates of sperm, if you have an incompatibility of the couple, associated with negative effects on sperm cervical mucus. Here is the calculation that the costs for IMS "killer" for the sperm factor - the cervical mucus, as sperm are injected directly into the uterine cavity.

In cases where the husband's sperm is very bad, or incompatibility barrier can not be overcome, with the consent of both spouses resort to donor sperm insemination - ISD.

IMS technique and the IUD - the same. In favorable to the day of the cycle of pregnancy, which is installed by ultrasound, RT, the nature of cervical mucus in a woman's uterus is administered pre-treated sperm. Sometimes the attempt to produce 2-3 times during the cycle.

The effectiveness of this procedure is sufficiently large:
when it reaches the ISM 20-40%
with ISD - 50-80%

The maximum number of cycles in which it is advisable to attempt - four.

GIFT and ZIFT Methods

Another type of artificial insemination is a GIFT - the transfer of eggs with sperm in the fallopian tubes.

Its essence is this: a woman taking one or more eggs from her husband's sperm, they are mixed and injected into the fallopian tube. The success of this procedure is the timeliness of the patency of the fallopian tubes, and usefulness. That is, reading the same as that of male infertility or incompatibility of the spouses.

Sometimes resorted to another embodiment of the artificial fertilization - embryo transfer (zygotes) into the fallopian tube, the so-called ZIFT. It is believed that the ZIFTe chance of pregnancy is significantly higher.

GIFT and ZIFT can be performed both at the time of laparoscopy or under ultrasound guidance. In the first case of gametes or zygotes injected into the tube from the peritoneal cavity, the second - through the cervix.

As a rule, GIFT and ZIFT are combined with diagnostic laparoscopy in women with infertility of unknown shape and spend once. Physicians who practice these types of infertility treatment, noted for their high efficiency - up to 30%. However, in our country, GIFT and ZIFT almost never used.

IVF (IVF) - IVF in vitro fertilization

Artificial insemination (fertilization outside the body, ie, under laboratory conditions, or simply in a test tube) includes a sampling of gametes in a woman, fertilized with sperm of the husband or partner, laboratory monitoring of the development of the embryo in the early stages of development and subsequent transfer of embryos (embryos) into the uterine cavity.

Methods of artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination (ISM), in vitro fertilization IVF

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