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Acute prostatitis - Diagnosis, Treatment

Acute prostatitis - Diagnosis and Treatment

In acute prostatitis, an inflammatory process starts with the mucous membrane of glandular ducts of the prostate lobes. In the further course of infection duct walls swell and clogged ducts. The infection penetrates into the tissue slices, and there are numerous small pustules. Sometimes a few pustules merge into one large and may be an abscess of the prostate. An abscess may break into the neighboring organs - the bladder, rectum or urethra. At the beginning of the disease the patient has frequent urination occurs most often at night. Urination and painful sensations. In the further course of the process of perineal pain worse, give the head of the penis and anus. Urination becomes more frequent more. Increased body temperature. At a time when the prostate gland was formed many small abscesses, the patient's body temperature rises to 39-40 degrees, there are fever, chills, weakness. Pain during urination and defecation are strong, sometimes due to swelling of the prostate overlaps the lumen of the urethra can occur, and acute urinary retention.

Diagnosis of acute prostatitis. When digital examination of the prostate detect its increase, a sharp pain. If the prostate is formed an abscess (an abscess) are pulsating pain. In the study of prostatic juice in it show a large number of white blood cells and bacteria. Ultrasound examination reveals enlargement of the prostate gland abscess.

Treatment of acute prostatitis. Patients were assigned to bed rest, diet. Immediately assigned to antibacterial treatment. Appointed by the broad-spectrum antibiotics. For severe pain appointed painkillers. Apply heat and physical therapy procedures on the crotch area, microclysters. If an abscess of the prostate gland, surgery is carried out. In recent opening of an abscess of the prostate is carried out through the urethra using a special apparatus. With timely treatment of the favorable prognosis of the disease and recover fully. But in late begun, or not spent treating acute prostatitis may become chronic.

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