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Anomalies of spine

For congenital anomalies of the spine include:

Anomalies of the vertebrae (fusion of the first cervical vertebra to the occipital bone - oktsipitalizatsiya, fusion of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the sacrum - sacred, a first vertebra in the lumbar krestsovogo Department - lyumbalizatsiya), fusion of vertebrae 2.3.

Anomalies in the form of vertebrae. In case of delay the development of the anterior vertebral wedge vertebrae occur (polupozvonki), and delay the development of the posterior vertebral - spodiloliz.

Hypoplasia of vertebral parts - cleft bodies and bifida.

By the frequent strains are tapered polupozvonki. This vertebra is composed of semifield and half-arches, which is attached to the spinous process. Such vertebrae may be present in any region of the spine. If a bone chest, he has an additional edge. The clinical significance of polupozvonkov is the development of scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Sometimes there are two polupozvonka in one segment. They are located symmetrically on both sides. In this case, scoliosis does not develop.

Klippel-feil syndrome. This syndrome is the adhesion of (konkrestsentsiya) of the cervical vertebrae. These vertebrae have flattened shape. Sometimes the fusion of subject and upper thoracic vertebrae. Perhaps the lack of intervertebral discs at several levels. Such a patient's neck is short. Hair grows low on the neck. Sometimes there are folds of skin from the ears to the shoulders. The head is straight and slightly bend backwards, so-called "proud poise." Turns head to the side is limited.

Klippel-feil syndrome may be associated with other anomalies spine, nervous and cardiovascular systems. In early childhood appointed a special physical therapy to increase the mobility of the cervical spine. Wearing a collar is used Schantz. Sometimes when this anomaly of possible surgical treatment.

Subluxation of the atlanto-axial joint. It is an innate condition occurs in violation of the second cervical vertebra, where it odontoid bone is not fused with the vertebra. Odontoid process, with its uncoossified vertebra may lead to compression of the spinal cord.

Oktsipitalizatsiya. This anomaly arises in the development of adhesion of the first cervical vertebra (atlas) to the occipital bone.

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