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Scleroma of the trachea and bronchus

Scleroma of the trachea and bronchus

With scleroma of larynx trachea in its manifestations are not rare. Perhaps the appearance of infiltrates in the trachea and bronchi and in the absence of the overlying airway. Individual skleromnye nodules and small flat parietal infiltration in the trachea and bronchi for a long time may not cause any illness and are found only in those cases where the procedure detailed inspection of the patient skleromnogo produce traheobronhoskopiyu.

The first symptoms of scleroma
in the trachea and bronchi appear cough, sometimes very painful, sensation of dryness in the throat, expectorated sputum is difficult. Admixture of blood to sputum, in contrast to tuberculosis or cancer process, with scleroma of the trachea and bronchi does not happen. In the future patients note shortness of breath. It grows slowly and initially it is only noticeable during physical stress.

Periodically stenosis becomes pronounced due to accumulation of viscous mucus and crusts in the trachea. When traheobronhoskopii can be seen in the trachea separate small soft or dense knots of pink. These nodules may coalesce, forming infiltrates, resulting in mucous membrane thickens, becomes rough. Infiltrates are covered with scabs. Sometimes infiltration, seizing on some level all of the tracheal wall, causing concentric narrowing it.

If the narrowing is localized in the middle of the trachea, it takes the shape of an hourglass. Sometimes take the form of tumor infiltration. Along with infiltrates detected scars, different color of pale. In the advanced stage of infiltration become dense, are gray in color and leave in the respiratory tube, only a small gap, which is under examination did not immediately find it. The length of the infiltration is not always possible to determine. If you do manage to pass through the isthmus, then below it is sometimes found fresh infiltrates.

If it affects the bronchial pattern is similar: defined infiltrates, concentric narrowing the lumen of the bronchus or limited to only part of its walls. Sometimes the specific changes seen as granulation.

In order to study the patient is skleromnogo upper traheobronhoskopiya. If there is a pronounced stenosis, it is preferable to lower traheobronhoskopiyu or, at least, have ready the tracheotomy kit, so you can make a tracheotomy at any time.

A good diagnostic method is also considered to bronchography. It allows you to identify the true frequency of damage the trachea and bronchi, and contributes to a more precise definition of its parts.

In the X-ray point marked ossification annular cartilage. Narrowing of the bronchus to indicate changes in the lung detected by clinical and radiological methods. Partial or complete shutdown lobe, abscess formation when it finds the upper respiratory tract scleroma forced to exclude bronchial sclera as an etiological point.

In addition to the above methods for determining the nature of the disease are used all the other diagnostic methods. Great diagnostic help is a statement of the defeat of scleroma of the nose, pharynx or larynx. The severity of the predictions for the localization of scleroma parsed consequence of the physiological role of the trachea.

Even more serious is the prognosis of bronchial scleroma. In some cases there may be almost complete obliteration of the lumen with a fatal outcome. Improves the prognosis of early recognition and treatment.

Conservative methods of treatment are the same and with the defeat of other respiratory tract. Bougienage, crushing and excision of infiltrates in scleroma of the trachea are made for health reasons.

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