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Treatment of chronic lung abscess

Treatment of chronic lung abscess

Set infiltration of lung tissue in the cavity of a circle, with availability of content is possible using X-ray studies.

In the differential diagnosis of chronic lung abscess should be aware pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer (especially the so-called peripheral cavitary form of cancer). Of great importance in the differential diagnosis of these diseases have clinical, study of sputum. 

Results of conservative treatment of chronic lung abscess Antibiotics are not very comforting, improving drainage conditions contribute to exacerbation of the process subsided, but the remaining morphological changes interfere with healing. In this regard, the absence of contraindications, chronic lung abscess shows an operation. Effective operation for chronic lung abscess is the only surgery-removal of lung lobe or entire lung. Absolute indication for surgery were recurrent pulmonary hemorrhage, rapidly increasing intoxication.

During preparation for surgery relieve acute inflammatory conditions, seeking to reduce the number of sputum, improves cardiac function, increase the functionality of the respiratory system. Operations performed under intubation anesthesia.

Postoperative mortality still reaches 4-6% in most patients recovering ability to work in 3 - 4 months after surgery.

After Pneumonectomy in the first half of patients required transfer to a disability, then the use of a physically light work in a warm room with no production hazards.

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