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Prevention of hemorrhoids

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Currently, proctology has made significant progress in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This also applies to less invasive treatments and surgical. However, much better if you just will not need to resort to all these treatments, including conservative. It is therefore very important prevention of hemorrhoids, as persons who have not, and those who have it already was.

Note that the recommendations given here are suitable for patients with hemorrhoids, because they are an integral part of the conservative treatment of this disease.

First of all, it is important to change the diet. The nature of the diet is known to affect the way your bowel works. First of all, be aware that a major predisposing factor for hemorrhoids is constipation. This is due to the fact that the person has constipation tense for a long time, resulting in the hemorrhoidal veins increases venous pressure, and this in turn leads to the formation of hemorrhoids.

In addition, constipation hardened stool can injure themselves hemorrhoids, which leads to bleeding, and anal canal, which becomes the cause of such diseases, such as anal fissure.

People who are prone to constipation is recommended to limit consumption of starchy foods and dairy (except dairy products). It is also useful to add bran diet. Try to eat more vegetables, as they are - an important source of fiber, which stimulates the bowels. It is also recommended to drink yogurt, because it also has a laxative effect. Also contains a lot of fiber in cereals.

It is known that hemorrhoids are very common in those with sedentary lifestyles (drivers etc.). If your work is connected with a permanent seat on the chair (the work in the office, etc.), it is recommended that every hour to make at least a five-minute breaks, just to be like, and even better to do light exercise. Drivers whose working day is sometimes just sitting in the car, it is often recommended to do in the way short breaks during which you want to move actively.

In addition to these measures, it is also a regular basis to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which improves blood circulation in the pelvis. You can spend the next set of exercises:
  • Rhythmic muscle tension buttocks and anus in a standing position with your legs crossed.
  • The same exercise in a sitting position on a chair with a rigid seat with a straight back.
  • The rise of the pelvis in the supine position with legs bent at the knees, and an emphasis on foot.
  • Alternately lift straightened leg in the supine position.
  • In the supine position with elevated legs straightened to plant his feet to the side and cross them as a pair of scissors.
  • The motion of your feet like a bicycle in the supine position.
  • Firmly push the legs to the abdomen while lying on his back.

These exercises allow you to coach here gluteal muscles, anal sphincter and abdominal muscles, and this in turn has beneficial effects on blood flow and outflow of blood from the organs of the pelvis, the intestines and promote discharge of gases. These exercises are recommended to make 2 - 3 times a day. However, it is important not to overdo these exercises and do not add to them the power components. You can not lift weights.

It is also important to observe good personal hygiene. It is recommended to wash with cool water after each bowel movement. This helps to prevent such complications of hemorrhoids, anal fissure, and how others

Finally, do not abuse laxatives. It is better to natural stimulation of the intestine.

Useful advice for patients with hemorrhoids

Often take a bath. A warm bath is an effective way to prevent hemorrhoids as it normalizes blood circulation in the anal region and supports the area clean (hygiene).

Be sure to wash after defecating. Hygiene in this area prevents many diseases.

If you are prone to constipation, you should try to normalize the bowels. To do this, it is important to respect the right diet, do exercises that improve intestinal function and blood circulation in it.

Despite what has been said about constipation, it does not mean that we should welcome and diarrhea (diarrhea). Besides the fact that diarrhea leads to irritation, is a high risk of penetration into the anal crypts of infection, which in turn can cause the cause of inflammation and the formation of a rectal fistula.

During defecation straining try not long, as long and persistent straining can cause rectal bleeding and the formation of hemorrhoids.

If you have a "sedentary" work, try to get up every hour to walk, run, and even light exercise. With prolonged sitting in the anal region slows circulation, which contributes to bleeding. Get regular gymnastics, swimming, longer walk on foot. The same goes for people carrying out a long time in the seat of the car. Recommended that professional drivers often take breaks to warm up.

Alcohol, spicy and salty food is also desirable for hemorrhoids. Alcohol leads to increased blood flow in the perianal region, which leads to increased bleeding. Spicy and salty food contributes to strong irritation of the perianal area and exacerbate the disease.

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