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Rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease

Rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease

Rehabilitation in ischemic heart disease is aimed at restoring the state of the cardiovascular system, improving the overall condition of the body and prepare the body to the same physical activity.

The first period of rehabilitation for coronary heart disease - it is adaptation. The patient must adjust to new climatic conditions, even if the former were worse. Acclimatization of the patient to the new climatic conditions can take about a few days. During this period, carried out initial medical examination of the patient: doctors assess the health of the patient's readiness for physical exertion (climbing stairs, gymnastics, therapeutic walking). Gradually, the amount of physical activity increases a patient under medical supervision. This manifests itself in self-care, visits to the dining room and walks in the territory of the sanatorium.

The next phase of rehabilitation - is the main stage. He doitsya two to three weeks. During this period of increased physical activity, e expectancy, the rate of healing walk.

In the third, final, final stage of rehabilitation is carried out examination of the patient. At this time, assesses tolerability of therapeutic exercises, dosed walking and climbing stairs.

So, as you already understand the basic of kardioreabilitatsii - is dosed physical load. This is due to the fact that physical activity is a kind of "coaching" the heart muscle and prepare it for future loads during daily activities, work, etc.

In addition, now reliably proven that physical activity reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Such therapeutic exercises may be prevention, as the development of heart attacks and strokes, as well as for rehabilitation.

Terrenkur - another excellent means of rehabilitation for heart diseases, including and coronary heart disease. Terrenkur - is metered by distance, time and angle of ascent on foot. Simply put, health path - it is a treatment dosage of specially organized walking routes. For health path does not require special equipment or tools. Would be a good slide. In addition, climbing stairs - is also a health path. Terrenkur - is an effective tool for training of the heart affected by coronary artery disease. In addition, the health path can not overdo it, because the load is already pre-calculated and measured.

However, modern simulators allow health path and without slides and ladders. Instead of climbing the mountain can be used by a special mechanical path bend, and walking up the stairs can replace step - a simulator. These simulators allow more precise regulation of the load, provide urgent monitoring, feedback, and that is not unimportant, do not depend on the vagaries of the weather.

It is important to remember that the health path - it is dosed load. And we should not try to climb the first steep hill or stairs faster than any defeat. Terrenkur - this is not a sport and exercise therapy!

Some may ask, how can be combined load on the heart and coronary artery disease? After all, it would seem, should be given every spare the heart muscle. However, it is not, and to overestimate the benefits of exercise during rehabilitation after coronary heart disease - it is difficult.

First, physical activity helps to reduce weight, increase strength and muscle tone. During exercise improves blood flow to all organs and tissues in the body, normal delivery of oxygen to all body cells.

Furthermore, the very heart of a little trains, and gets used to work at a higher load, but without reaching exhaustion. Thus, the heart of "learning" to work with such a load that would under normal circumstances, at work, home, etc.

Another worth noting is the fact that physical activity can help ease emotional stress and fight depression and stress. After physiotherapy, as a rule, disappear anxiety and restlessness. And with regular physiotherapy sessions disappear insomnia and irritability. And as you know, the emotional component in ischemic heart disease - no less important factor. In fact, according to experts, one of the causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system are neuro-emotional overload. A physiotherapy to help them cope.

An important point in gymnastics is that while exercise is not only the heart muscle, and blood vessels of the heart (coronary aretrii). In this case, the wall of blood vessels becomes more robust, and also improves its ability to adapt to changes of pressure.

Depending on the condition of the body other than physiotherapy and walking can be applied and other types of physical activity such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling or training on a stationary bike, swimming, dancing, skating or skiing. But these types of loads, such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, training on simulators are not suitable for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, on the contrary, they are contraindicated, since long-term static loads cause high blood pressure and heart pain.

In addition to therapeutic exercises, which, of course, is the leading method of rehabilitation in patients with coronary artery disease for patients after recovery of this disease are used as herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Doctors phytotherapists for each patient selected medicinal herbs fees. Beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system have the following plants: Astragalus pushistotsvetkovy, mustard, lily of the valley in May, sowing carrots, mint, cranberry pine, cardamom.

Also today, for the rehabilitation of patients after coronary heart disease is widely used, and an interesting method of treatment as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy - a method of prevention and treatment of diseases with different flavors. Such positive effects of odors on the person known since ancient times. It is known that no physician of ancient Rome, China, Egypt or Greece has managed without treatment of aromatic oils. For some time the use of therapeutic oils in medical practice has been undeservedly forgotten. However, modern medicine returns to accumulated over thousands of years of experience of applications in the treatment of diseases of flavors. To restore the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system are used lemon oil, lemon balm, sage, lavender and rosemary. Sanatorium has specially equipped rooms for aromaprotsedur.

Working with a psychologist carried out if it is needed. If you suffer from depression, stress, or transferred, then, of course, important, and psychological rehabilitation, along with physical therapy. Remember that stress can exacerbate the disease and lead to an exacerbation. That is why it is important the correct psychological rehabilitation.

Diet - is another important aspect of rehabilitation. Proper diet is important for the prevention of atherosclerosis - the underlying cause of CHD. Especially for you diet will develop a dietitian, according to your taste preferences. Of course, from a certain food will have to give. There is less salt and fat and more vegetables and fruits. This is important, since the continued receipt of excess cholesterol in the body is exercise therapy will be ineffective.

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