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Diphtheria conjunctivitis

Diphtheria conjunctivitis

Diphtheria conjunctivitis occurs in contact with mucous eye diphtheria bacilli (Corynebacterium diphtheria bacillus or Leffler). To date, this disease is quite rare, due to universal vaccination against diphtheria and almost always in the unvaccinated.

Diphtheria usually occurs when the eye disease diphtheria throat, nose and throat. Occasionally there is independent of the eyes, without diseases of other organs. But even in this case, the suffering and the general condition of the patient. Appears high body temperature, weakness, sweating, headache.

The disease begins acutely. There is a pronounced swelling and induration of age, sudden reddening of the eyelids with a bluish tint. The eyelids may be so thick that they could not turn out for inspection. Of the optic fissure in apart of the century pours a murky contents of the cereal. At the edges of eyelids gray film formed as a raid. These films are tightly welded to the mucous membrane, covered by the conjunctiva and eyelids of the eyeball. If you try to remove the film should make an effort. Under the film is exposed mucous membrane bleeding. After the first week of illness and necrosis of the film exposed to depart with pus. Where was the film formed scars in the form of stars. If the film were on the mucous membrane of the eyeball, between the conjunctiva and eyelids conjunctiva of the eyeball may be formed seam (simblefaron). After the rejection of the films inflammation subsides, the swelling of the eyelids is reduced. By the third week proshodit attenuation of the disease.

Risk of diphtheria lesions of the conjunctiva is the possible damage to the cornea. This gives rise to suppurative corneal ulcers, through which infection can penetrate deep into the eyeball and cause the death of his eyes and loss of vision. Sometimes the disease can occur in the form of worn out and the diagnosis is possible only after microbiological examination and identification in smears of oral Corynebacterium diphtheria of the conjunctiva.

Treatment of diphtheria conjunctivitis. The patient is hospitalized in the infectious office, in a separate box. Be sure to enter diphtheria serum. In addition, assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics and vitamins. In the cavity of the conjunctiva buried antiseptic solution or antibiotics. Prevention of diphtheria conjunctivitis is full of timely immunization.

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