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Acute epidemic conjunctivitis Koch-Wiles

Acute epidemic conjunctivitis Koch-Wiles

Acute epidemic conjunctivitis Koch-Wiles is a microorganism Haemophilus influenzae Koch-Wiles. The disease is highly contagious. Entire families are ill. If a child gets sick at school, kindergarten, sick almost the whole team. From the moment of infection to the onset of the disease is from several hours to 1-2 days.

The infection is transmitted through dirty hands, clothing, linens, toys. It is believed that one of the major vectors of disease are the flies. Especially epidemics occur frequently in the warmer months and in countries with warm and hot climates.

Acute epidemic conjunctivitis begin suddenly. Quickly there is reddening of the conjunctiva, especially on the eyeball and swelling of the eyelids. These phenomena are accompanied by:
  • lachrymation
  • photophobia
  • there is a headache
  • increase in body temperature
  • running nose
  • malaise.

Discharge from the eyes on the first day of the disease is slimy, transparent, and its amount is small. In the following days of discharge increases dramatically. In the discharge of pus eyes appear. In the morning, the patient can not open his eyes because of purulent discharge, glued eyelashes.

Usually, conjunctivitis occurs in both eyes. But if the first hit with one eye, the phenomenon of conjunctivitis in the second appear in 6-12 hours. Next, the conjunctiva swells and thickens, especially over the eyeball. Sometimes on both sides of the iris white of the eye becomes grayish convex triangle, the base directed toward the pupil. Often there is very strong swelling of the eyelids, which prevents opening the eyes.

One of the characteristic manifestations of infective conjunctivitis Koch-Wiles is the appearance of hemorrhage in the mucosa century. Sometimes these hemorrhages reach large sizes. The disease usually takes 5-6 days. Followed by a recovery. Sometimes the disease can occur in abortive form with a slight swelling, mild redness of the conjunctiva, with no bleeding. In debilitated patients may experience corneal infiltrates in the form that, when recovery disappear.

Treatment of acute infective conjunctivitis is the appointment of antiseptics and an antibiotic solution for instillation into the cavity of the conjunctiva. Sick should be isolated. Everyone who was in contact with the patient, we recommend prophylactic instillation into the eyes of a solution of sodium sulfatsil.

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