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Hydronephrosis - kidney disease that has developed due to violations of the flow of urine and characterized by the expansion of pyelocaliceal system and atrophy of the renal parenchyma.

Hydronephrosis is divided into two types:

Primary or congenital hydronephrosis, which developed as a result of congenital disorders in which disturbed the flow of urine from the kidney, in-Ureteropelvic junction:

  • stenosis
  • achalasia
  • high discharge of the ureter
  • additional vessel
  • secondary, or acquired - a complication of an illness:
  • urolithiasis
  • kidney tumor
  • pelvis
  • ureter
  • damage to the urinary tract.

Hydronephrosis may be:

  • open
  • closed
  • intermittent.

More common in girls.

During hydronephrosis are three stages:
I - extension only in pelvis (pyeloectasia) with minor renal dysfunction
II - expansion not only loghanki and cups (gidrokalikoz), renal parenchymal thinning and significant impairment of its function
III - parenchymal renal atrophy sharp, turning it into a thin-walled sac.

Hydronephrosis is:

  • aseptic
  • infected people.

In aseptic hydronephrosis renal changes depend on the degree of obstruction and the duration of the disease in infected - both on the degree of obstruction, and the virulence of the infection.

Clinical symptoms characteristic for hydronephrosis, no. The most frequent pain in the kidneys. In the early stages of the disease are pain, paroxysmal in nature, then the pain becomes constant aching in nature. In advanced hydronephrosis the pain disappear. The second symptom is a palpable tumor formation in the upper quadrant.

Hematuria - often, but sometimes the only symptom of hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis, pyelonephritis complicated, appears at earlier stages.

Treatment of hydronephrosis operational, conduct reconstructive plastic surgery to eliminate the causes of the pathological process caused the development and preservation of the organ. By removing the kidney resort in case of a unilateral lesion with total loss of organ function.

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