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Physical activity and weight loss

Physical activity and weight loss

Physical activity - it's a way to make fat cells to burn fat. But the physical activity itself is not an effective method for reducing body weight. For example, in order to burn 1000 calories, you want to run 10 km or 30 minutes of jumping rope on, while walking or running at 1,600 m spent about 110 calories from your body's reserves. That is, to lose weight in a week to 900 g, which is usually required to reduce through diet calorie intake to 1000 kcal / day, to walk or run for a week of almost 105 km, and total calorie intake should remain at the same level.

Even the term physical activity, especially brisk walking for 45-60 minutes 4 times a week throughout the year, leads to weight loss only on a few pounds. You are happy to write a diary every minute, carried out during the exercise, but it turns out that you spent only some 200-300 calories! Upset? You think, then why do we need these exercises? It is very necessary! But only under certain rules.

Time of exercise should be at least 45 minutes and the amount of at least 3 times a week. Before you start training walk examined by a doctor to find out what the load can withstand your cardiovascular system, whether you have breathing problems or contraindications to certain types of loads. If your doctor has found such restrictions - do not worry. Below we tell you what to do in such cases. Very useful to vary the load. For example, the day - swimming, a day - walking and so on.

Select an acceptable level for you and the pace of physical activity and very slowly (!) To increase. It is not necessary that the level of physical activity or its rate was very high. Just walk (but still at a good pace) for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week - this is the most physiologic and affordable way to lose weight. It worked way to activate the synthesis of fat-enzymes and deliver oxygen to the cells. Releasing fat from fat cells is directed into the muscle cells - the only place where the fat is consumed. You can also choose the best exercise program (which will help to create professionals with your doctor), medium intensity, which includes brisk walking, swimming, gym, cycling or other types of loads, as well as their combination.

Each additional minute sessions - this is another moment of intense fat burning! That you have not lost the desire to exercise, there are two ways.

First: to break one long training session into several shorter - for those who have "no time for physical exercise." According to studies, women with obesity who perform aerobic exercise (mainly walking) three times a day for 10 minutes 5 days a week as a result of note that have spent more time on training than those that are the same perform aerobic exercise for 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. In addition, they tend to be more weight loss.

The second method is to do at home, not in sports clubs, as in this case there are fewer barriers to training such as the need to pay for lessons or spend time on the road. You can do yourself walking close to home or use home exercise equipment, such as, for example, a treadmill or exercise bike.

However, it is quite individual - some people do not have enough discipline to never miss home exercises, and in this case, you may need to go at the scheduled time sports club activities in which also paid for, promotes regularity classes. The choice is yours. So, when you are walking slowly, you expend about 1.5 kilocalories per minute (1.5 kcal x 45 min = 67 kcal), while walking at a moderate pace - 4-6 kcal per minute (4-6 kcal x 45 min = 180-270 kcal) during cycling at a moderate pace - 6-10 kcal per minute (6-10 kcal x 45 min = 270-450 kcal).

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